What is Zynn App Review and is Zynn Legit?

A new app similar to TikTok and second to Duoyin has just raved the internet. This app is known as Zynn. Like I said earlier, the Zynn app is not different from TikTok. Both displays short videos for users to watch. The only great difference between the Zynn App and TikTok is that Zynn pays […]

Facebook Gaming | Facebook Instant Game | Stream your Game on Facebook Gaming

The Facebook gaming was launched on the 20th of April. And this gaming is sure taking over YouTube Gaming and Amazon’s Twitch. The Facebook Gaming was reported to be only available on Android phones. But the company planned on releasing it for iOS devices as soon as Apple approves them. So in this article, I […]

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Facebook Avatar Not Showing: How to Make your own Facebook Avatar 2020 Setup

In other to create your own Facebook avatar it is important to know what a Facebook avatar is. A Facebook avatar is a personalized animated image of you that is featured in stickers. It can be shared as messages, Facebook stories, and used as comments. In other to make use of this feature, it is […]

Facebook Avatar 2020 – Create Your own Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar App

Facebook Avatar 2020 App tips to set up your own. There’s no doubt that Facebook Avatar 2020 is now the new trend on Facebook. Here, on this platform, I will be showing you how you can easily create or make your own Avatar on Facebook. Before we look into that, What is Facebook Avatar? What […]

Facebook Cartoon Avatars Setup App for Android

Facebook Cartoon avatars are now trending on the internet and even on social media. Facebook has made it a personal avatar sticker creator where you can make yourself just the way you want. These avatars are used to represent real people in the social media world. They are also used for reactions and expressions. Avatar […]

Facebook Avatar 2020 | How to Create Facebook Avatar Emoji | Facebook New Features

Have you heard about Facebook New Features called Facebook Avatar 2020? If yes, you will learn how to create your own personal avatar in this article and if no follow up with this article to learn about the amazing Facebook New features. But before we begin you must have a Facebook account and your Facebook […]

Facebook Dating App: How to use the Facebook Dating Feature

In this article, we are talking about Facebook Dating App. Do you know Facebook has launched a dating Feature? If yes good!! But If No follow up with this article to get full insight into it. Because in this article we will discuss in full about Facebook Dating Feature. However, the Facebook Dating app doesn’t […]