How to Create Page on Facebook – Facebook Page Create New Business Page Easily

Today’s article revolves around How to Create Page on Facebook, How to create Facebook Business Page Easily. Before then let’s walk you through the Facebook signup process.  I believe we all know what Facebook is all about. How to Sign in / Create an account on Facebook. Launch any web browser and visit Facebook office […]

Facebook Messenger Room | How to create a Facebook Messenger Room

What is a Facebook Messenger Room? Before that, let’s discuss the Facebook Mobile App. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his colleagues at Harvard University in the year 2004. This app is used by so many people. It is a website where users get to communicate with other people, including people they […]

Facebook Avatar Creator | Create Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Link

The Facebook Avatar is the Facebook new feature that allows users to create a beautiful cartoon-like image of themselves. Once they create the Avatar, they can use it on comment sections, on their profile and can also use it to communicate. You can also refer the Facebook Avatar to as a character or image that […]

Facebook Pay App Setup Settings | Facebook Pay Via Messenger App.

Facebook Pay App Setup: Facebook is a website that allows users to easily connect with their friends, families, and loved ones. The app also enables you to send messages, share videos and images, content, memories, and so many more. Facebook has released a service known as the “Facebook pay” which makes it very easy for […]

Facebook Avatar 2020: How to make an Avatar on Facebook | Create Facebook Avatar

Facebook has made it very easy for users to create Avatars of themselves instead of having to go download apps for creating their Avatars. The Facebook Avatar is not an app, rather it is a feature in the Facebook Mobile app which allows users to create avatars that looks exactly like them. You might be […]

Delete Facebook Photos | How to Delete Facebook Photo and Facebook Album

Have you been finding it so hard to delete photos on Facebook? The photos you want to delete can either be the ones you uploaded intentionally or even mistakenly. Or you have been having issues with deleting your Facebook photos from either your computer, your mobile browser, and also your mobile app. If that is […]

Facebook Pay Via Messenger: How to Send Money via Facebook Messenger

Facebook Pay Via Messenger: Holla! this is for Facebook users. It’s true that there are have been so many ways in which we pay, send and receive money. And which also made payment very much easy for so many people. But today, I bring to you “Facebook Pay” which enables you send and receive money […]

Facebook Avatar Creator – Facebook Avatar 2020 | Create Facebook Avatar Guide

Let’s talk about Facebook Latest Feature which is Facebook Avatar 2020. Facebook has released a jaw-dropping feature that has caught the attention of all its users and even non-users of Facebook. The feature is also the most talked about on social media. But before going into details, what is Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg and some of […]