Instagram Plans to Launch a new tool to automatically filter out abusive DMs

Instagram Plans to Launch a new tool to automatically filter out abusive DMs. Instagram today, announced its latest tool which will enable users to filter out direct message requests that have offensive words and emojis included in it automatically. This tool is mainly targeted at celebrities and public figures. As well as those who get […]

Spotify Premium vs Spotify Free, Login, Cost, Packages

Spotify Premium. Spotify is a digital music streaming service that gives you instant access to its wide online library filled with music and podcasts. Thereby enabling you to listen to any content of your choice at any time. In all, Spotify is legal and very easy to use. On Spotify, you will get to see […]

Happy Easter Messages 2021 for Your Loved Ones

Happy Easter Messages. Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the New Testament, easter is said to have occurred three days after Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross by the Romans and died in 30 A.D. Jesus Christ resurrected on the third day after he was […]

Tinder will soon allow you to gift a Lyft ride to your date

Tinder as you all know is an American online dating app and geosocial networking. This app enables users to swipe to like or dislike other people’s profiles based on their photos, common interest as well as their bio. And here, once two users are matched, they can now exchange messages on the app. The app […]

Facebook Cartoon Avatars Setup App for Android

Facebook Cartoon avatars are now trending on the internet and even on social media. Facebook has made it a personal avatar sticker creator where you can make yourself just the way you want. These avatars are used to represent real people in the social media world. They are also used for reactions and expressions. Avatar […]

Facebook Avatar 2020 | How to Create Facebook Avatar Emoji | Facebook New Features

Have you heard about Facebook New Features called Facebook Avatar 2020? If yes, you will learn how to create your own personal avatar in this article and if no follow up with this article to learn about the amazing Facebook New features. But before we begin you must have a Facebook account and your Facebook […]

Facebook Dating App: How to use the Facebook Dating Feature

In this article, we are talking about Facebook Dating App. Do you know Facebook has launched a dating Feature? If yes good!! But If No follow up with this article to get full insight into it. Because in this article we will discuss in full about Facebook Dating Feature. However, the Facebook Dating app doesn’t […]

Facebook Dating: How to Create a Facebook Dating Profile ✅

Facebook is a platform that allows its users to connect with people all over the world. Apart from chatting and making friends on Facebook, there is also a feature on FB which is known as ‘Facebook dating’. These features enable FB users to set-up dating profiles and match with other FB users. Facebook dating allows […]