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Best iPhone and Android Games to Play During Isolation.

With an Amazing choice of good games for iPhone and Android users, it is pretty difficult to decide what you should download and play especially in this period of isolation. It should not be a problem. Best iPhone and Android games to play during Isolation We are here with an amazing list of recent and […]

13 Cheap Online Shopping Platform For Quality Electronics

Have you been searching for cheap online shopping platforms where you can get quality electronics? Then follow up with this article because here you will get to know some cheap online shopping platform where you can get quality electronics.   There is no doubt that buying goods and services online has now become more popular […]

Latest Update on Covid 19 also known as Cornavirus

The death toll increases all over the world, with a total number of 37,091 and 775,540. Today in Italy the death toll from the COVID 19 virus rose by 812 to 11,591. Italy still has over 100,000 affected people with 4,050 new cases reported. While in Spain over 800 death was recorded in the last […]

Best Laptops for Graphic Design, Prices and Specifications

Are you searching for the best laptops for graphic design?. If yes, then you are on the right Site. Well, the best laptop for graphic design is the Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch and it’s very expensive because of the way it’s being styled. Although not everyone can afford to get the Apple MacBook Pro […]

iPhone Case: Apple Launch some Nice Color Accessories for iPhone and Apple Watch

Today, in this article, I will be discussing the newly launched Apple Accessories for iPhone and Apple Watch. But before we dive into that, let’s discuss briefly on the iPhone as a brand.   iPhone is a line of smartphone that was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. And the first generation of the iPhone […]

2020 iPad Pro: Am sure you don’t know this 10 Amazing things about iPad Pro

The 2020 iPad Pro is a faster, bigger, more powerful processor. As well as a better screen and better cameras support for the Apple Pencil. It also has a keyboard connection port and more speakers. The price of the iPad Pro starts at $649 for a 64GB model to $1079.00 for a 512GB model. The […]

Twitter Dark Mode Feature and How you can enable it

The long-awaited dark mode for twitter is finally out. But before we dive into that, what is twitter all about? Twitter is a social networking site that enables people to communicate or interact in short messages known as “tweets”. And tweets are short messages that you post to those following you on twitter with the […]

Gulfstream Park Racing, Casino and Live Event Update

Today’s article is centered on Gulfstream Park Racing, Casino, Live Event. But before we dive into that, what is Gulfstream park? Gulfstream Park is a race park casino approved by the country in Hallandale Beach, Florida. It is one of the most important venues for horse racing in the U.S. As well as an entertainment […]

MP3 Players: Top 5 Best BUDGET mp3 Player with Quality Sound

Are you looking for the best budget Mp3 Player with Quality Sound? An Mp3 player is an electronic device that can play digital audio files. Mp3 is a type of Portable Media Player. Another name for an mp3 player is a Digital Audio Player. You can Know more about Mp3 on our previous Post about the top […]

Is Gostream Safe? Why You Should not Download Movies from GoStream

Gostream is an online video platform formally called123 movies where you can find free movies and stream them for free. Gostream, also known as 123 movies. It was called number world’s most popular illegal site in March 2018.  In December 2019, they stay active via clone sites. review 123movies has changed its name to […]