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PDF file: How to Open and Download a PDF file

Have you been finding it difficult to open or download a PDF file? If yes, do not give up because, in this article, I would be showing you how you can open a PDF file. But before we dive into that, I would like to brief you on what a PDF is all about. A […]

Facebook Ads Manager: How to create Facebook targeted Ads

In today’s article, we will be discussing the Facebook Ads Manager, what the Ads Manager does and mainly, how you can create targeted Ads. But before we dive into the main topic, let me brief you on what the Facebook Ads Manager is all about and what it does. What are Facebook Ads Manager? Facebook […]

YouTube Online Video: How to download YouTube Videos For Free

Today’s article is centered on YouTube Online Video and how to download YouTube Videos. So many people have been finding it very difficult to download Youtube online videos. I have also been seeing and hearing questions on how YouTube Video is been downloaded. Well, you need not worry again because you are on the right […]

How to Secure Your website From Hackers

Today we will be discussing How to Secure Your Website From Hackers. A Hacker is someone who is skilled in the use of laptop/computers systems, Mostly, one who illegally gain access to private information on computer systems.  It’s no longer news that hackers now hack into systems, computers and even accounts. Most of the hackers […]

How to Enable Steam Family Sharing: Share games easily on steam

Steam family sharing enables family members to share games while keeping separate accounts. Here family and guests or visitors can play each other’s games while they earn their own Steam achievements. And also save their own game progress to the Steam Cloud. This works by giving family members access to games on a shared computer. […]

WhatsApp dark Mode: How to Enable it on iPhone and Android

Whatsapp dark mode is finally here! Whatsapp has finally launched its dark mode feature. And guess what? the dark mode is both for iPhone and Android users. For a very long time now, this has been the most requested feature for the Facebook-owned service. It’s so unclear why it took so long to arrive, mainly […]