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Skype’s Meet Now: How to Access Skype’s Meet Now Feature

Skype’s Meet Now:  The outbreak of the coronavirus which resulted in total lockdown in all countries has now made social distancing a major and common thing in all countries. Because of this, so many companies have launched different kinds of video conferencing apps. Which has also led to the growth of several video conferencing apps. […]

How to Create Page on Facebook – Facebook Page Create New Business Page Easily

Today’s article revolves around How to Create Page on Facebook, How to create Facebook Business Page Easily. Before then let’s walk you through the Facebook signup process.  I believe we all know what Facebook is all about. How to Sign in / Create an account on Facebook. Launch any web browser and visit Facebook office […]

Whatsapp Deleted Messages | How to Recover Whatsapp Deleted Message

How to Recover Whatsapp Deleted Messages: Whatsapp is a social networking platform that allows you to keep in touch with your friends, families, colleagues, and business partners. Here, you can chat, upload statuses, videos, images, GIFs, share photos, videos, and also share links. Whatsapp has now made it easier for its users to delete unwanted […]

Google Slides Themes: How to create a Google Slide

Google slides were released on the 9th of March in 2006 It is an online presentation app which gives users the opportunity to show off their work in a visual way. This app operates on macOS. ChromeOS, Android mobiles, Blackberry, iOS, Windows. Professional Google Slideshows for Business Presentation Plan your presentation. Next, is to download […]

Delete Facebook Photos | How to Delete Facebook Photo and Facebook Album

Have you been finding it so hard to delete photos on Facebook? The photos you want to delete can either be the ones you uploaded intentionally or even mistakenly. Or you have been having issues with deleting your Facebook photos from either your computer, your mobile browser, and also your mobile app. If that is […]

Amazon Books – Kindle Cloud Reader | How to Sell and Buy on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Books is a retail bookstore that is owned by online retailer Amazon. Whose headquarters is in London. Amazon opened its first store on the second day of November in the year 2015 in Seattle, Washington. Records showed that Amazon Books has a total of seventeen stores as of 2018. And the company also has […]

Find My iPhone: How to Setup Find my iPhone

How to Setup Find my iPhone: Have you been searching the internet for how you can easily get back your lost iPhone? If yes, follow up in this article. In this article, I will be showing you easy steps on how you can find your iPhone using “Find My iPhone”. The “Find My iPhone” is […]

Zynn App Review: TikTok Clone and Pays it Users

There is a new app similar to TikTok trending now on social media called the Zynn App. Zynn is sure TikTok clone as well as its competitor. The most exciting thing about this app is that it pays its users. Users get to sign up, watch videos, and persuade others to do the same. By […]

Facebook Dating App Free Download: How to use Facebook Dating App

The long-awaited Facebook Dating App is finally here! And I’m 100% sure you can’t wait to see it and how it works! Yes, right? Well, you are on the right platform. In today’s article, we will be discussing the FB Dating App. And I will as well be showing you steps on how you can […]