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How to Hide Apps on iPhone Using iOS 14

How to Hide Apps on iPhone. There are some apps on your iPhone that you do not want your third party to see and at the same time, you do not know what to do to prevent those apps from displaying on your home screen. Well, if you are one of those, do not stress […]

How to Turn off Autoplay Videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

How to Turn Off Autoplay On Facebook. You might have been on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platform and notice that some videos or a video keep playing all by itself. Yes, Right? Trust me this can be very offensive and annoying, I believe you are with me. These videos can just automatically play […]

Zoom Cloud Meetings Download, Features and Benefits

Zoom Cloud Meetings. Zoom is a cloud-based service known for offering Meetings and Webinars. Also, it provides content sharing as well as video conferencing capability. The app also offers audio, video as well as screen-sharing experiences across a wide range of devices and platforms too. in all, zoom allows you to record all the video […]

How to Use iPhone as a Webcam

How to Use iPhone as a Webcam. These days, a good webcam is really hard to find. And even if there are any around, I’m very sure that the prices would have increased. As the coronavirus pandemic has really moved so much of America’s workforce into a work-from-home environment. So, now its no doubt that […]

Google Drawings and How to Use It

Google Drawings. If you have never heard of Google Drawings, then I am not sure you know how useful it is. Anyways, we have fed you with all you need to know about Google Drawings and how it works. All you need to do is to keep reading and read carefully to understand. Google Drawings […]

How to Make Chrome Dark Mode on Android, iPhone and Mac

How to Make Chrome Dark Mode. Even with the release of the Chrome Dark Mode, some people still don’t know that the feature exists. And even others that know, do not know how to make use of it.   Well, if you are in that category, then you need not stress yourself because here, I […]

How to Get Verified on Twitter without being Famous

Twitter is a free online social media service that enables users to interact. The means of interaction between users is by message tweeting. This service enables users to discover interesting people and companies online. Getting your account verified with the twitter icon doesn’t mean the users can tweet a message that exceeds 140 characters to […]

10 Security Tips to Protect Your E-Commerce Website

To create an E-commerce website have been something very easy and common nowadays. But the hardest thing you have to take seriously is the security aspect. E-commerce websites are means of circulating hug some of the money, and where they seem to be huge money, attract theft and hacking. Hackers will try there best to […]

Coronavirus: How to protect yourself from this virus.

Let’s talk about How to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Many infected people experience mild sickness and they later recover, but it is not like that for everyone, for others, it can be more severe. You have to take care of your health and protect yourself and others by doing the following things Coronavirus: How to […]

Top 10 Budget Laptops For Student 2020

Top 10 Budget Laptops For Student. Getting a good laptop for a student is not always cheap. When someone is off to college, the budget is made and laptops tend to be one of the budgeted items. It does not really mean you have to get the very best laptops for college students, but some […]