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iPhone iCloud Backup: How to customize your iPhone iCloud Backup

iPhone iCloud Backup is very important because you do not know what might happen next. So it is best you backup your iPhone to avoid hurting yourself later. Lets assume your iPhone is bad and you need to get a new one. Already, you can backup your iPhone or iPad to Windows 10 PCs as […]

Deactivate Your Facebook Account 2020 – How to Delete Facebook

Deactivate Your Facebook. As the topic implies, this article is all about how you can deactivate/delete your Facebook. Have you been finding it hard to deactivate or delete your Facebook? Then you are on the right platform. Here, in this article, you will understand the basic steps on how to Deactivate/Delete Facebook if only you […]

Facebook Gameroom | How do I install the Facebook Gameroom?

Facebook Gameroom. Want to know more about Facebook Gameroom and how you can download and install it? You have visited the right platform. Here, in this article, I will be showing you how you can easily download and install the feature. But before then, what is it all about? Facebook Gameroom This feature is a […]

Chrome OS may eventually be getting a dark mode

Chrome OS may eventually be getting a dark mode. But according to Android Central, it has so far been spotted only in its experimental Canary channel. Before you start messing around with Canary be informed: Canary is Google’s “bleeding edge” Chrome OS path, which gets updates of features daily even before they have been largely tested. […]

Dating Account in Facebook App Download Free for Singles: FACEBOOK DATING APP DOWNLOAD FREE FOR SINGLES

Dating with Facebook Dating App Download Free, is more like start dating on Facebook for free. Facebook Dating App: If you are new on Facebook or have come across the app, you actually just got started and I would say you have probably missed out. Nonetheless, you still have a lot to enjoy from the […]

How to Recover Your Whatsapp and Secure/Authenticate your Whatsapp Account

Whatsapp is a platform where users get to chat with other users, send messages, voice notes, send pictures, videos, and even upload status. The social media app also enables you to do video calls, share documents, images, user location, and so many other media. Whatsapp makes use of your phone cellular or the Wi-Fi connection […]

Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro: How and where to preorder them

Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro as well as iPhone 12 Pro Max was announced recently. And they have as well gotten so much interest from the iPhone fans. As a matter of fact, with these amazing models of the iPhone. It can be a little bit overwhelming to choose the iPhone […]

Apple AirDrop: – How to use Apple AirDrop

Apple AirDrop. Do you know that there is a better alternative to bluetooth that can enable you send and receive files without stress? It is the Apple AirDrop. The Apple AirDrop allows users to send and receive files easily to and from other users. This feature is in the iPhone and it is strictly for […]

Toxicwap Series and Toxicwap HD Movies 2019 | 2020 | 2021 Download have been around for a very long time and still trend till date. On toxicwap series, you get access to download latest Movies and popular trending Toxicwap tv series for free. These free downloads are very compatible with any type of mobile phones. Toxicwap does not offer Movies and music download only as you can […]

iOS 14 latest features – How to update your device to iOS 14 or iPadOS 14

Yes! the latest and much-awaited iOS 14 is finally here. If you do not know about this before, now you know. Well, in this article, I will be showing you the latest iOS 14 features and how you can update your device to either of the two iOS 14 is the 14th and the recent […]