Canadian Jobs for Immigrants | Live and Work in Canada – How to Apply

Canadian Jobs for Immigrants. Working in Canada has never been more prestigious than now. With the steady growth of her economy, many immigrants from other countries are trooping every day to experience the Canadian work and living lifestyle. In this article, you will find general information and helpful resources to help you get Canadian Jobs for Immigrants.

The average salary for workers working a decent job in Canada is about $30 per hour, which is about $180 per day and about $5000 on average per month. This figure according to research can be ranged between $3000 and $5000 on average.

This is why most immigrants have the dream of coming to Canada’s stable economy to work. Having the desire to come to Canada is easy but actually getting the job, now that’s the real challenge. There are protocols and tips to follow to ensure your job search is successful.

In this article, we would be laying out everything you need to know to get a job in Canada as immigrants. Below are some of the details of our discussion:

  • Confirming your eligibility
  • Checking for jobs qualifications
  • Research Canadian Jobs for Immigrants
  • Applying for Canadian Jobs for Immigrants

Confirming your eligibility

The first step to take before applying to work in Canada or immigrating to Canada is first learning about the different programs you can apply for. Each immigration program has an application process and eligibility requirements.

This is essential to know beforehand everything you need to know before actually beginning the process. For example if you have certain experience of skill in a particular field you can apply through the means of Express Entry.

Express Entry allows for expatriate to be able to apply for multiple immigrations programs at once which would results in a faster processing time. According to research, there are over 250,000 Express Entry applications each year by immigrants coming into Canada.

If you are not eligible to immigrate to Canada permanently you might still be able to work here temporarily using a work permit. Bottom line is before applying for any job in Canada, always do your research and find out if you are eligible to work and stay in Canada.

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Some individuals have been known to be blacklisted without their knowledge. In this case, even after all your efforts to prepare, you would later come to realize that you would not be allowed in the Country.

Checking for jobs qualifications

Checking for job qualifications is vital to your pursuit of working in Canada as an Immigrant. Firstly you have to find out if your profession of line of work requires a license or certification. For example, you are a doctor coming from another country with the hope to work as a doctor in Canada.

You would need to get a Canadian medical license in order to practice medicine in Canada. Some professions do not require a license or certifications, for example; factory worker, engineer, programmer, computer scientist, etc.

In some cases, you might need to retake the certain tests to prove you are capable of performing such job in Canada. You can also use a Foreign Credential Recognition Tool to find out:

  • The time and cost to get your credentials
  • If the occupation is regulated
  • If there are available jobs in the field or other alternatives to the job in question

If you are coming into the country using your school certificate, you would need to get your transcript or degree accessed in order for it to be recognized in Canada. At this stage, if all boxes are checked, you can then proceed to the actual research of jobs.

Research Canadian Jobs for Immigrants

Based on research, an office clerk working in Canada earns as little as $18.50 – $25 per hour on average. This value is subject to change based on location and the company in question. This is where your research pays off. Before you proceed to start applying for jobs in Canada, you first need to know research the ones you are planning on applying for.

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One of the key factors to also note is when processing immigrating to Canada or getting a work visa or permit, you should only apply to jobs from employers recruiting international candidates. Some employers might not be offering some job roles to immigrants, while some might state it clearly in their application.

To do this, send the employer a resume or CV with your full information including the following:

  • Your Name
  • Where you are located
  • Your work experience
  • Do you have a valid Canadian work permit

This would help the employer know at the instant that you are an international candidate. If the right information is not included, you would have gone long in the application process before you find out that you are not eligible.

Another reason to note is that not all countries may be eligible to work that particular job. Find out more when doing your research.

Applying for Canadian Jobs for Immigrants

When applying for a job in Canada, one tip to note is to get your resume or CV to fit the job profile. Tailor your resume in such a way the employer would be forced to move forward with you. And after applying and sending your resume, always make sure to get back to them if you haven’t heard from them in at least 2 weeks.

This is a very good practice because sometimes employers might be conflicted as to which candidates to select. Reaching out to them in a friendly email reminder gives them the opinion that you are willing and committed to doing the job.