Blokada Review: Best Pop up Ads Blocker for Android in 2019

Adblockers are becoming important because of the nature of advertising on the internet. They aimed at stopping ads from popping up uninvited. Blokada, which is what this post is all about is a top ad blocker you can use and worth of recommending.

Blokada logo

Blokada? Are Ads Really Bad?

Ads are not bad per se but are necessary for driving sales leads on the internet. As more companies, business and salespersons embrace online ads, the internet has now become over congested with it. While it is uncertain if you are targetting the right audience, it can be annoying when it hits the wrong audience.

Since internet users have gotten used to Ads, there is the tendency of ignoring it. As such more companies are employing pop up and autoplay ads that do not require users permission. This is even more annoying as it distracts users and it comes from nowhere.

This aside from being annoying, it increases data traffic, drains battery life, it is a malicious agent, and ruin users experience.

As such, there is a reason to block them entirely. As for me, if I need something on the internet, I go looking for it and it gives me the opportunity to compare varieties.

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Blokada App

Personally, I have tested and tried a lot of ad blockers until I was told of Blokada. It has proven to be the best from the lots I have used previously.

Blokada is an open source app means that it is totally transparent and you can view the app to be sure of what is installing on your phone

In contrast to others, Blokada works using the VPN as such it does not require any particular special alteration. You can download Blokada Ads blocker App from their official website


The Blokada app is easy to use and launched with just a click and you are on your way. I mean it is really easy to use because each feature has an explanatory note attached.

Up-to-date feature

This a feature introduced within the app to notify users of the latest app updates for easy download. The feature contains a series of links that navigates users to a download page.

Blocked feature

The blocked feature is a database of all the blocked host in course of using the app.

Blacklist feature

The blacklist feature is a site control feature that lists site for Blokada blacklisting. It is perhaps one of the most important features. Because it could affect the smooth running of the app. Users can access the list of sites and choose what to blacklist.

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You can add other apps not listed via the plus icon at the lower end of the app. Then enter the name of the app or website and confirm blacklist.

Whitelist feature

The whitelist feature as the word states is a pre-blacklist database of sites you are yet to decide on blacklisting.

The importance of Blokada

  • It makes it easy to browser internet ads free.
  • Fast page loading without ads.
  • No worries about malware from ads.
  • Longer phone battery life.


Am sure you found this educating. You could drop a comment below about what you have read. Thanks for reading.