Bidvest Car Rental Service: Everything You Need to Know about Bidvest Car Rental

Bidvest car rental is one of the fleets and asset finance option offers. Bidvest Bank as a leading bank in South Africa also offers car management service such as  Full Maintenance Leasing, Bidvest car Rentals, Instalment Sales and Financial Leasing, and Sale and Leaseback.

Bidvest car Rental

The Bidvest group transferred its dominance and excellence in the banking industry to Bidvest car rental and vehicle involvement. Thus making Bidvest a leader in the business of general vehicle financing and maintenance in South Africa. Its offer includes buy, sell, finance or lease your company vehicles. Furthermore, our total fleet finance solution will assist in determining the most effective long-term solutions and provide expertise for all facets of your fleet.

Bidvest Car rental

The Bidvest car rental is reliable and highly positively reviewed in South Africa. It also offers equal benefits as full Maintenance Leasing that goes for a  pre-determined and fixed cost. The main purpose is to acquire a vehicle for your business on a relatively short-term basis without having to take the risks of ownership and capital outlay. You can also manage your rental bookings and take action such as confirm, modify, extend or cancel a booking.

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The difference to the Full Maintenance Leasing option is that your monthly rental does not cover maintenance and repair costs, although you do have the option of a ‘bolt-on’ maintenance plan.

The Bidvest rental options include individual, corporate, tour, van and truck rental services.

Bidvest Products

Bidvest car rentals also show concern for your car need and offer the following.

Bidvest Car Rental Partners

Absa Rewards: Absa Rewards members can now earn 10% back in Cash Rewards on their daily vehicle rental rate ( time and kilometer only) with Bidvest Car Rental when you book.

Prokard: Holders of the prokard exclusive card can book for hotels and car rentals directly from the car rental portal.

International travel Service: In partnership with Sunny cars, Bidvest now offers rental services beyond South-Africa.

Other link partnerships include, Voyager, Cricket South Africa, The Pink Drive, Bidvest McCarthy, The South African Rugby Union.

Why use Bidvest Car Rentals

  • Dropping a car off with Bidvest is quick and easy
  • People are impressed by how to clean Bidvest cars are
  • Our customers said Bidvest is easy to find.
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