Best Youtube Alternative For Android Users

On this post, we will be looking at some credible youtube alternative. I guess we all know that youtube is a Google platform with a huge collection of videos on virtually any topic. It is also the second largest search engine in the world second to you know who “Google“. It has a larger search volume than yahoo and bing combine.

Youtube alternative

Best Youtube Alternative

What most people do not know is that there are tons of other websites offering similar services like youtube. Blow we will make known to you a few youtube alternative.


OG YouTube

The OG Youtube app is very identical to Youtube. However, it has more features than youtube. The major difference is that this app is created especially for Android users.

Users can get to enjoy videos ads free without disturbance. In terms of downloading, users can download multiple videos at the same time. Finally, there is a dark mode that ensures users can watch videos on this youtube alternative in the night.



FlyTube is another lightweight alternative for YouTube. Although this app doesn’t provide many options. You can watch videos directly from YouTube while preserving data. The app is best suitable for users who have a low-end phone model because the app can be easily installed.

Users can also play videos at the background with this YouTube alternative. FlyTube doesn’t disturb users viewing experience with ads. Users can also sign in with their Google account and sync playlists and other data.



iTube is not just a youtube alternative but also music listening app. Although  Video playing is a secondary option, users can load lyrics of songs while playing a video in the background. The app can function even on poor internet connection.

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iTube does not consume much of the phone’s battery.  Although the app is not free of ads but does not show when watching a video. Users can manage the playlist.



TubeMate is one of the most popular YouTube alternatives. The App allows users to watch, share and download YouTube videos in SD, HD, and mp3. The app is very easy and has low data consumption.

Users can download videos and songs of different qualities using this YouTube alternative. The users can convert videos to mp3 and download it using this app. Users can even download from HTML5 support video services using this YouTube alternative. This YouTube alternative supports lots of other sites other than YouTube, so it can easily be a two-in-one app for most of the users. TubeMate also supports downloading multiple files at a time.

Users have to keep the app updated to the latest version. Otherwise many features will stop working as Google makes changes to YouTube’s services frequently.



This app is a Youtube alternative and also audio streaming sites. The interface is user-friendly and allows youtube video download. Users can also convert videos to mp3 using this YouTube alternative.

This app has an inbuilt browser so that users don’t have to leave the app to search the videos. The app shows fewer ads compared to others. It supports music background play and music streaming from multiple websites.

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For all the talks about youtube alternative, it is fair to state that youtube is actually the best video collection out there. Especially if there were no restrictions on video downloads and streaming without age restriction and all. Youtube ++ is patched of the YouTube app with some additional features.

This makes it one of the best youtube alternative ahead of most. Because it virtually has all that is considered a shortcoming on the generic youtube.


Conclusion On Youtube Alternative

If you are tired of the official YouTube app, select any one of the above alternatives. Since Android is the world’s largest mobile platform, there are plenty of options to choose for. The app developers have developed many apps according to the likes and suggestions of users. Many of the apps provided above have almost identical features.

The selection of the best alternative completely depends on your needs and use. All the YouTube alternatives provided above are selected based on the popularity and reviews among the users. Select the best alternative according to your preferences and enjoy the most out of it.