Best Yoga App for Beginners, Intermediate and Experts

With a yoga app, you no longer need an instructor. You can be your own trainer and control your training rate with the best yoga app

Best Yoga App for Beginners, Intermediate and Experts

Best Yoga App

We bring you some of the best yoga apps that you can use to get in tune to the best body shape.

Yoga Studio by Gaiam

There are a lot of ways to organize yoga session with the Yoga studio. The software has a collection of inbuilt training sessions ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. There are also sessions designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students. There are also poses for back pain, sun salutations, and yoga for runners.

Users can create a custom flow using “blocks” of poses or a single pose at a time. The apps allow you to design your idea of how yoga should be thus its best for people with experience in yoga. It is arguably the best yoga app.

Furthermore, the video is of excellent quality. Gaiam has a long experience of producing yoga video before launching the mobile app. Hence videos can be downloaded to your device. There are other functions such as choosing background music and scheduling of training classes on a calendar.

Down Dog

Down Dog is is created by yoga teacher Adrienne Kimberly. As such it is not short of experience and a wealth of experience. It has an impressive pose library and in-depth instruction videos. The videos are liked to youtube meaning that you can also access it from the app or on youtube.

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The app itself offers sequences comprised of still photos accompanied by Kimberly’s continuous narration, which makes things flow like a real class. It actually works pretty well, especially if you’re already comfortable with vinyasa style practice. The free version of the app allows you to access restorative, beginning, intermediate, and advanced sequences that vary from 15 to 90 minutes. Upgrading to become a member allows you to choose the pace of the class (normal, fast, or slow) and change the background music.

FitStar Yoga

FitStar Yoga is instructed by Tara Stiles offering newly researched yoga sequences. The app depends on your feedback on yoga sessions to tailor effective training while also set yoga workouts. You can get a taste of the app with a Downloadable the free version for a trial run before opting for a monthly subscription.

The app is fully integrated platforms like Facebook, Twitter and fitness trackers such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Jawbone UP.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga has illustrative visuals and also has a different look from other yoga apps with a difference too. Sequences are grouped as Ocean (cardio), Desert (flexibility), and Mountain (power).

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga has a series of multi-week programs with themed as 5-Day Detox, Improve Your Flexibility, and Let it Melt. The programs include 20-30 minutes of daily yoga that runs from one to five weeks. It also offers video downloads for independent training. In addition, there is an active support and advice team on standby to answer your questions.

It is for people with yoga experience of some sort because it assumes that you know basic poses. The downside of the app comes in form of annoying pop-up ads unless you upgrade to the subscription version and have access to exclusive videos. It surely has a place among the best yoga app.