Best Sources to Get Background Music/Sound Effect for Videos

It is amazing how background music brings life in raw footage. It brings satisfaction on the part of the editor and adds the extra to keep your audience engaged and glued to a video. So it is fair to say music is essential in video creation.

Best Sources to Get Background Music for Videos

This should be helpful to get background music for videos editing, youtube, content creators, and other interested parties.

Best Sources to Get Background Music Free Download

 We bring to you the best sources for background music.

  • Audio Jungle

Its free background music site. Audio jungle pays for the music and renders them royalty-free files. The site works with a subscribership plan that is paid monthly, users can download high-quality songs or audio track for free. Like every other subscriber business model, users are restricted from downloading when the subscription is out.

  • Last.Fm

Initially built for streaming music, it also allows users to download music for free. It offers some of the best background music and also includes various sounds for video editing such as animal, tree, and bus.

  • Play Free Music

The name says it all, You can get royal free music for download But more of instrumentals. It has a content search bar that is very helpful at times.

  • Brainy Betty

This one houses free royal music for PowerPoint, video and other purposes. If you are looking for sounds this is surely your best stop to get compatible with your project.

  •  TemplatesWise

It offers tracks in Mp3 format for download. The website is simple and highly user-friendly and has an online site guide to help users navigate through easily.

  • Media College

The site is popular for amateur video editing. It contains tons of how to video editing tutorials on how to incorporate its free music into your movie.

  • ildebe

The site offers music with no added or subscription cost. Although this site does not have as many songs as others on this list, you can definitely find something to work with.

  • Partners in Rhyme

By far the most tech advanced site on this list. It hosts free music that is distributed via a sound cloud for download.

  • Free Music Archive

This site has been in the business since 2009. Users can upload sounds and make it available to others. The site has gathered a huge collection due to its longevity and its business model. It is rare not to find what you are looking for here.

  • Noise Trade

This site is run as an artist promotion platform with a huge advertisement budget. Artist sends their album via email. These songs are posted via mail to its subscriber base as a way of promoting the artist.

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Other Background Music sites include


It is one of the oldest free music online providers. It has a large music library that includes a wide range of music genre. Although it is a bit old school but can be really useful.

  • Amazon prime

There is little need to introduce an Amazon product to anyone. The Amazon prime hosts over 56 thousand free tunes and tracks. It is a well-organized site and the tracks are cataloged by genre thus making it very easy for you to get a specific tune.

  •  MP3Skull

Mp3skull is certainly one of the best and the website is easy to use. It has an incredible collection of old and new music available in its database.


These sites can be helpful to you of not now some other day be sure to read this copy and take notes. As I am confident you can find your free sound needs on these ones