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If you possess any quantity of cryptocurrency, you may be curious about the safest and most secure way to store it. Due to the fact that a cryptocurrency is a digital form of money, it cannot be stored in a drawer or a safe. Rather than that, it must be kept on a hardware or software wallet.

Thus, let us discuss crypto software wallets, which enable you to securely store cryptocurrency on a laptop, computer, or similar device. So, which software wallets are the best, and how much do they cost, if at all?


BitPay Software Wallets

BitPay is a well-known cryptocurrency wallet, with the app processing an average of roughly 60,000 payments every month. Additionally, to accept crypto payments, BitPay provides users with a secure virtual wallet in which to store their funds.

So, what are the features of the BitPay wallet? To begin, it supports a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Additionally, it features multi-signature authorization and data encryption technologies, as well as the ability to backup your wallet using a seed phrase.

Additionally, while BitPay is completely free to download, it does include a 1% processing fee, as well as network and miner costs, which you should bear in mind when using the program.

BitPay is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux (Free)


ZenGo Software Wallets

Bitcoin, Tether, Chainlink, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies are supported by the ZenGo software wallet. Additionally, it includes several excellent security features, such as threshold signatures. These signatures are separated between your device and the ZenGo servers to increase authorization security and significantly reduce your risk of losing your cash.

Additionally, when you sign up as a user, the app will scan your face, allowing you to access your wallet via facial recognition on a different device if necessary.

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ZenGo is completely free to download. However, there are fees associated with purchasing or trading cryptocurrencies on the platform.

ZenGo for Android | iOS (Free)


Luno Software Wallets

Luno’s software wallet supports the storage of Bitcoin and Ethereum but not any other cryptocurrency. This is inconvenient for individuals who possess numerous cryptocurrencies. However, the Luno wallet has a number of noteworthy characteristics that make it a viable solution for Bitcoin and Ethereum owners.

To begin, the Luno wallet features two-factor verification for added security, as well as deep-freeze storage, which stores your keys in numerous virtual secure vaults. Additionally, you can backup your wallet to ensure that you do not lose your funds in the event of an unexpected event.

While the Luno app is free to download, standard transaction fees will apply. However, there is no expense associated with storing or withdrawing your cryptocurrency.

Luno for Android | iOS (Free)


Gemini Software Wallets

Gemini’s software wallet evolved from the company’s first and widely utilized cryptocurrency exchange. It provides users with a number of useful features, including protection against unexpected fund losses and two-factor authentication. Indeed, Gemini is one of the few insured cryptocurrency software wallets available.

This wallet is compatible with the majority of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Additionally, the software is free to download, and you can utilize either Gemini’s hot or cold wallets. However, as with other apps, certain activities, such as transactions, will entail charges.

Gemini is available for Android and iOS (Free)

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Atomic Wallet

Atomic Software Wallets

Due to its support for over 500 different cryptocurrencies, the Atomic Wallet crypto software wallet is an excellent choice for people who possess altcoins or numerous coins. Among them are Bitcoin, Cardano, Ripple, and Dash, among others.

Atomic Wallet includes a user-generated access password as well as a backup phrase for emergencies. Additionally, it enables you to save your private keys to your device. Also, if you’re new to cryptocurrency, the Atomic Wallet UI is quite straightforward, as is the software itself.

Additionally, this software wallet is free to download and there are no fees associated with sending or receiving funds, as some other wallets do. It does charge a tiny network cost, however.

Atomic Wallet is available for Android | iOS | Windows, macOS, and Linux (Free)


While software wallets are less expensive, hardware wallets provide a higher level of security.

The software wallets listed above are inexpensive and secure ways to store your cash. However, keep in mind that for the highest level of protection. You should consider a hardware wallet (i.e. a physical device that you can use to store crypto).

The main disadvantage is that hardware wallets may be quite expensive, which means that software wallets are still a viable option for crypto storage if you’re not looking to spend a fortune in this area