Best Photo Storage App to Store Your Photos

Best photo storage app. We all know how storage devices are useful. Especially when it comes to saving your photos for future references.

However, if you really want to enjoy them. You have to make sure you back up your photos once in a while.

Best Photo Storage App

The usefulness of the best photo storage app is that once your phone crash or you misplace your phone, you can still recover them and one of the best photo storage app is Google Photos.

Keep reading as we would be emphasizing more on the best photo storage device you should have.

Best Photo Storage App

Below is the best photo storage app you should have for storing your photos safely without any complaints:

Google Photos

Google Photos is part of the best photo storage app for storing your photos. This works best for organizing and editing your photos.

The Google Photos is available on both Android and iOS and can backup your photos right to your Gmail account.

Not minding how many years the photo has been on your phone or how long you have taken those photos.

The backup and sync function on the app is turned on by default when you download the app for the first time. However, you can actually turn it on and off all by yourself in your settings.

Anyhow you want, you can manage your Google Photos library conveniently right from your phone or desktop.

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Flickr allows you to save up to 1,000 photos on its platform for free. The app also has more of a social media feel and it can be downloaded both on Android and iOS.

If you subscribe for a month to Flickr Pro, which is $7 or $60 annual, you will receive unlimited storage for all your images.

Plus, Flickr’s Uploadr feature which is only available to Pro members, allows you backup your content from your hard drives, Dropbox, iPhoto, and computer.

Apple iCloud Photo Library

The cloud-based photo service of Apple is part of the larger iCloud storage system of the company and it is really compatible with Macs and iPhones. To locate this service, you will be needing the Photos app on iOS or Mac.

On PCs, you can also manage your videos and your photos from in your chrome browser, or with the Windows iCloud app.

Just like Google Photos, the iOS services organize and arranges your photos automatically by date. But you should be aware that the iCloud backup of your device won’t save photos automatically to iCloud Drive.

iCloud is being developed into iOS devices and it gives you free 5GB, however for $1 monthly, you can upgrade to 50GB. Whereas the next tiers give you 200GB for $3 monthly, and 2TB for $10 monthly.

Photobucket is also among the best photo storage app. Once you have installed this best photo storage app.

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And after you must have created an account with them, you can now store about 250 images for free. And then select from 3 different subscription plans:

  • The Beginners stores 2500 images or 25GB for $6 monthly.
  • Intermediate stores 25,000 images or 250GB for $8 monthly.
  • While Expert has unlimited image storage monthly for $13.

PhotoScan by Google

The PhotoScan app allows you to scan printed photos by making use of your phone’s camera. The app can be downloaded both on Android and iOS.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is also among the best photo storage app.

This best photo storage app offers its members some extras plus free shipping.

Aside from the fact that the Amazon photos allow for music streaming, video offerings, and other good stuff. You will also be getting unlimited photo storage a year for $119.

And one of the advantages of this best photo storage app is that you can actually share unlimited storage with 5 friends. And also with your family members in what Amazon called the “Family Vault”.

Everything there can be accessed by those who share the Vault.