Best Jobs in Information Technology in 2019

Information technology remains one of the most lucrative fields of study in the world. It is no doubt that the best jobs in terms of pay and recognition are in the infield of IT

Best Jobs in Information Technology in 2019

The relevance of IT has not been more evident than in the recent time when ITU’s next-gen IT innovations are looming. Big data, Virtual working and cloud computing are now things of the present. IT experts now rank high among best jobs and highest paying jobs globally. Furthermore, fields are now highly patronized in institutes of higher learning.

Best jobs in Information technology

Before we dive in, it should be stated that the selection of a field in IT should be about passion and ability.

 Information security engineer: $131,300

An information security engineer secures data and other assets from hackers and malicious parties. This is possible through encryption or generally security of the physical infrastructure.

DevOps engineer: $137,400

DevOps Engineer oversees the works of developers and the IT staff. The DevOps is also in charge approving code. DevOps is one of the best jobs for either highly skilled developers and network operators or system administrators with scripting and coding experience. Typically the job requires an in-depth coding ability in one or more programming languages.

Enterprise architect: $144,400

Enterprise architect implements and oversees the enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation practices of a company. The architect has a lot of control and ability to enforce approach to designs, for the successful development and delivery strategy. Typically the job for seasoned developers with experience in management.

Technical program manager: $145,000

Technical program managers (TPM) is also a highly technical job. Because TPMs are placed in charge of handling technical aspects of projects. They recommend programs from top to bottom and also enforce the usage of companies process. Finally, they offer support whenever issues arise. The best jobs for IT experts a variety of skills and the ability to embrace emerging technologies.

Software architect: $145,400

A software architect is a software developer expert. SA handles high-level design choices, gives technical standards on issues about designs including software coding, tools, and platforms. The SA is also referred to as the chief architect. Typically a job for a seasoned software developer with over a decade of experience.

Applications architect: $149,000

An Application Architect has important roles in the design and analysis of software. They are in charge of recommending applications, improve existing applications, software testing, and creating technical documents and manuals for software. The job requires a high level of software usability and it is typically for sales engineers.

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Infrastructure architect: $153,000

Infrastructure Architects are in charge of design and implement information management systems to support the enterprise infrastructure of an organization. They also ensure all systems fully functional and also supports the development of new technologies and system requirements.

Software development manager: $153,300

Software development managers as in in the name, the SD manages the armies of software developers in a company. In addition, they hire, train, manage staff, oversees software budget and reports software related issues to senior management.

Data warehouse architect: $154,800

The job responsibility involves the provision of a data warehouse solution and also working with data warehouse technologies. The job is best for system administrator and data administrators.

Software engineering manager: $163,500

A software engineering manager is an important role in a software company. The software engineering manager is responsible for assembling and directing a capable software engineering team. One of the best jobs for a software engineer.
Information technology is indeed the career of the future. Hence, the best jobs out there. Apart from tech powerhouses such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, Startups in IT are the most common. Furthermore, companies are creating provisions for IT position through plans to incorporate the businesses with the emerging internet trend.