Best iPhone and Android Games to Play During Isolation.

With an Amazing choice of good games for iPhone and Android users, it is pretty difficult to decide what you should download and play especially in this period of isolation. It should not be a problem.

Best iPhone and Android games to play during Isolation

We are here with an amazing list of recent and the best iPhone and Android games. You can pay for some and others are free, but sure all will have a fun time playing them. Below is a list of best iPhone and Android games

Boris and the Dark Survival ($1)

Those people who loved Bendy and Ink Machine will recognize other cartoon-like it, Boris the Wolf. In this horror surviving game, you need to stay a step ahead of the Ink Demon that is hunting you so to guide Boris through the eerie studio.

iPhone and Android games

You will explore the Joey Drew Studios in classic cartoon design and a top-down view of the action, searching for items that are useful like, food to gain more strength and secrets that will help you solve the next mystery.

Rest in peace

This is an amazing spin on endless runners just like the Temple Run where you have to run and dodge barriers moving right and left. Instead of running, you are a statue that is hung on a rope. You have to avoid being smashed by moving side to side.

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iPhone and Android games

The gameplay style is easy to understand, but just like other good games, you have to practice to be able to master it. What makes it more catching than other endless runners game is the horror effect it has.

‘MMX Hill Dash 2’ (iOS, Android | Free)

This an amazing game, though the name is quite terrible “MMX Hill Dash 2” is super cool. Remember the hard “Trials” motorcycle series? this is like the four-wheeled version of it.


The game gives you tasks like driving, flip, and not crash into dangerous obstacles. The game will keep you driving for hours.

‘Ovivo’ (iOS | $1.99)

The game has minimalist artsy platformer, it let you play with gravity by slinging a little cute ball in between black and white spaces. Ovivo’s calmly and quickly fades out when the trickier levels are being hit.

iPhone and Android games

Though it has a PC version, this is a wonderful game for mobile devices. It is perfect for short bursts with the use of touchscreens.

Call of Duty: Mobile

This is one of the Best iPhone and Android games. It one of the biggest FPS franchises you can get around coming to mobile with an amazing game that is designed for touchscreen firefights.

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Call of Duty: Mobile

If you are a shooter action game lover, this is a must game to have in your Android device. The game is free, and it has multiplayer mode features. Also the Battle Royale, and you can get some familiar classic maps and also characters from other Call of Duty games.

You can get promoted (get ranked), customize several loadouts, win different prizes and many more. But the most lovely thing about the game is the satisfying gameplay. And great graphics, this made the game one of the best mobile shooter games.