Best Dating App

Best Dating App: What are the Best Dating App 2020?


Are you searching for the best dating app of 2020 where you can find a long-term relationship? If yes, then take your time and keep reading. Because in this article, I have carefully selected the best dating apps of 2020 where you can find a soulmate and a partner.

Best Dating App

Keep reading to see the best dating apps of 2020. Well, sometimes, finding love can be quite difficult especially when you don’t know how to go about it. But I can equally assure you that dating apps are very great apps to find a relationship.

Especially the ones I will be emphasizing below. Yes, I said so because most or will I say the majority of the dating apps help you find a perfect relationship. Not only a relationship, and also a soulmate, and one of the best dating apps I know is the Facebook dating apps which enable you to find a soulmate.

As well as someone that matches your interest or someone you have a common interest with. Not only the Facebook dating app, but there are also so many other dating apps to help you find a relationship. I will be listing them below:

Best Dating App of 2020

Below are the best dating apps 2020 to find a relationship and a soul mate:


Tinder is a free app that can be accessed on both Android and iOS. This dating app enables users to see potential visitors within an age bracket from 18 upwards. As well as a pre-determined radius. This app can be accessed on both Android and iOS.

On tinder, Daters can move right to “like” a profile and left to decline it. The tinder app also gives you the option to unmatched and remove other users, as well as reporting offensive people.

However, to make use of Tinder, you must be above 18 and must have an existing Facebook account. One amazing thing about the tinder app is that it has an integrated optional Spotify and Instagram features that shows songs and images from a person’s profile.

Match Dating App

The match is no doubt one of the greatest dating app to find a relationship. This dating app has been existing for long even before Tinder and the rest were launched. This is also a great app to find a soulmate. All you need to do is to sign up and you are good to go.

One good advantage of this Match is that the app doesn’t allow you or doesn’t require a Facebook registration. However, signing up on this app can take some time.


All that is required is just for you to enter your details, answer some questions concerning your preferences, add some photos and you are good to go.

This app can be accessed on both Android and iOS.


Bumble is another great dating app to find love. But what differentiates the Bumble dating app from several other apps surrounding it is the fact that the app requires women to make the first move anytime a match is made. On Bumble, you will only be given 24 hours to send a message.

Moreover, if you want to upgrade the time at which you can send a message, you will have to invest in a Boos membership.

And the Boost membership starts at $11.99 per month. The reason why most women find interest in this app is that it breaks down on the number of uninvited or unwelcome messages.

And so many men love it because it takes some of the pressure off commencing. This app can be accessed on both Android and iOS.

Hinge Dating App

Hinge is another cool dating app to find love. After answering some questions on Hinge, it will now start linking you up with users with who you share a common interest. One amazing thing about this app is that it matches you with your “Most Compatible” matches.

Matches whom you are eight times more likely to go out with, as they say. Another amazing thing about Hinge is that it does not only show you how many people have liked you. It as well tells you what those people liked about you, thereby making it very easy for you to start up a conversation.

The app is also available on iOS and Android.

Facebook Dating

I see so many people mistake Facebook Dating for an app. Well, if you are in that shoe, the Facebook Dating was never and it is not an app.

It is only a feature on Facebook and also occupies a section on the Facebook mobile app. On that section (Facebook Dating), you get to meet with singles, divorcees, and you also get to find love.

One thing about Facebook dating is that it matches you with those you share a common interest with. However, before you can make use of Facebook dating, you must be a user of Facebook and you must have signed up to Facebook.

Also, you must be more 18+ to make use of this feature. The Facebook Dating is accessible on both Android and iPhone.


And it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android users, while for those making use of iOS, it can be gotten from the Apple App Store.