Best Browsers Extensions

Best Browsers Extensions to Protect Your Online Privacy


Best Browsers Extensions to Protect Your Online Privacy. We all are aware that the internet we use today is not a private place, rather it is a public place. Meaning, literally everyone worldwide makes use of the internet. And each day, Ads try all their possible best to learn so much about you in order to sell your information to the highest bidder.

Best Browsers Extensions

Emails are aware each time you open them and they are also aware of whichever links you click on. Also, some of the largest internet snoops, just like Amazon and Facebook, follow you from site to site as you make use of the web.

Well, we have reviewed some of the best browser extensions to help you protect your online privacy and also block most of the unseen ads and trackers.

Though these extensions will not block all kinds of snooping, however, they will widely reduce your exposure to many of the efforts to trace your internet activity.

Best Browsers Extensions to Protect Your Online Privacy

You might not be really bothered by advertisers collecting your data to learn your interests to serve your targeted ads. However, you might care that these ad giants can see which medical conditions you are looking up to and also what private purchases you are making. Below are the Best Browsers Extensions.

Avast Online Security

Avast is one of the best browsers extension out there. jumping into the wrong website can really infect your PC with malware. The Avast Online Security tries to prevent and inform you of any malicious site. As well as virus-hosting sites just by tagging websites with a rating of Secured or Not Secured based on input from users.

The Avast Online Security can as well assist you in blocking cookies and tracing ads. After installing the app, simply right-click on the toolbar icon and choose. “Options” to block trackers of ads, social networks, as well as for analytics sites. You can as well modify other settings.

Privacy Badger

This is also one of the best browser extensions to protect your online privacy. A lot of extensions that block web trackers strictly rely on some kind of filters to keep out content. While others push you to choose manually if you want to welcome or block each site. Privacy Badger extension puts in all effort to safeguard you from all this work just by learning which sites try to trace you and then preventing that content.

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This procedure works by sending a signal “Do Not Track” to such websites. By itself, this appeal will not execute so much since websites typically take no notice of them. But, if this request is disregarded, Privacy Badger tries to prevent the tracking elements from operating.


Privacy Badger also begins to block the tracking elements if it notices similar trackers on different sites. Move to a particular site and click on “Privacy Badger’s toolbar icon”. You can view which trackers were blocked and adjust or put off the blocking for that particular site if you want to.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS makes sure that your login information is encrypted. Not excluding your rest data. l think a lot of websites have upgraded their security to rather make use of HTTPS instead of having to use HTTP. And chrome will be dealt with those people that have not.

Google Translate and Dictionary

The Google Translate and Dictionary extension is kind of self-explanatory if you are really used to or familiar with Google Translate. But instead of it allowing you to add words that you need to be translated to some kind of language. Google Translate for chrome will rather translate complete web pages.

All you need to do is to click the extension button to the right of the address bar. And then Google Translate for Chrome will translate it to either English or any type of language you choose that is being supported by Google Translate.

The Google Dictionary also enables you to either define the terms that you have spotlighted on the webpage. Or even those you enter by tapping the book icon to the right of the address bar.

Buffer for Chrome

Buffer for Chrome is also one of the best browser extensions to protect your online privacy. And if truly you are a social media maven. Then the buffer for chrome is just the best browse extension app for you. Buffer for Chrome enables you to share content over the various websites that you are in with just a simple click.

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From there, you will now be able to analyze the reach of your shared post. Enabling you to better know your audience and also what they want to see and listen to.

Other similar services like Buffer, Hootsuite also enables you to schedule posts across so many platforms. And this is really a power user app that is easily approachable for the everyday user also.


Feedly is also another great browser extension for your online privacy. If you are a frequent Feedly user, this is just the right app for you. It does not have so many bells and whistles outside of what the website provides. But it enables regular users to gain faster access.

There are also a couple of UI adjustments that make it a great extension. To include your own collection to stay at the top of what is really happening around the web. is also one of the Best Browsers Extensions. the service that shortens links to enable them to become sharable online. This is much more preferable on websites that have got a character limit, just like Twitter.

But it can be very important in the case of long URLs. on Chrome enables individuals to get shortened links for the websites that are on. Save websites that they came across online and even share them from the extension to Twitter and Facebook to trace its click performance.


If you see yourself printing webpages every day. Or simply wants them in a presentable PDF format, then this is the best extension for you.


All you need to do is to click on the icon, then click on “Convert to PDF”, and then your webpage is saved and fully ready to be downloaded.