Best Books by Stephen King

Best Books by Stephen King and Novels


Best Books by Stephen King. Are you a lover of Stephen King Books and Novels and you are in search of the best books and novels that you can get, then follow up in this article. Here, we have selected the best books that you can ever get to read which are all from Stephen King.

Best Books by Stephen King

Keep reading to see them and you can equally get some for yourselves to read. Very sure you would love them.

Best Books by Stephen King

Below are the best books by Stephen King to get right now:


Blaze is one of the best Stephen books. It is really tough to rank as it is written well and often engaging. However, ultimately, it tells the story of a brain-deranged artist who captured the child of a wealthy man to extort money from the man. Then bonds with the child are somehow weightless. You can get this book here.


Carrie is also one of the best books by Stephen Kings. If you haven’t read the Carrie book by Stephen King, then you are probably missing out. This book entails the chilling tale of an outcast teenager who makes use of her telekinetic powers to deal with her wicked classmates. You really need to read this book. Get the Carrie book by Stephen King here on Amazon.

The Shining

The shining is absolutely one of the best books also by Stephen King. This book tells the story of Jack Torrence when he gets the opportunity to transfer his family to the picturesque Overlook Hotel for the winter. It really seems like an excellent opportunity to work on his novel while in charge of a nice environment.

However, the hotel has got its own schedule, and Danny, his 5-year-old son is actually the first person to notice this. If you love the Jack Nicholson movie, then you would definitely love this book. Get the book on Amazon.

‘Salem’s Lot

This is also one of the best books by Stephen king to get and read. Here, in this book, Ben Mears goes back to Jerusalem’s lot in an attempt to get inspiration for his book, and also maybe drive out some distinctive demons. However, two young boys go into the woods and only one of the boys came out alive. Purchase book here.

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Night Shift

Night Shift is also one of the best books by Stephen king to get. it is a collection of brief stories that offer the bone-chilling creations of Stephen kings in little packages. The book includes stars like Children of the Corn and even deeper cuts like Gray Matter. You can get it on Amazon.

The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger

This is also one of the best books by Stephen King that became the main motion picture. This book introduces readers to Roland of Gilead: The Gunslinger. His world portrays an indelible mirror of ours, through which he ruthlessly traces The Man in Black. The book is really a must-read. Get it on Amazon.


Other books of Stephen King include:

  • Doctor Sleep
  • The Stand
  • Cell
  • The Regulators
  • Dreamcatcher
  • The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
  • Joyland
  • Finders Keeper
  • The Colorado Kid and many more.

Best Stephen King Novels

Below are the best Stephen King novels to get right now:

Pet Sematary

This Novel by Stephen Kings tells the story of Dr. Louis Creed after he takes his family to a small town in Maine, accidents on the highway took the life of his cat as well as his son. Instead of just coming to terms with the permanency of the death of his son and that of his cat.

Dr. Louis Greed rather intrudes with the natural order, with terrifying outcomes that prove why drivers drive past the town so fast. Get the book here.


If you are so familiar with novels, then you should know some of the stories of monsters if not all that horrifies the small ton of Derry, Maine. However, even if you have come across the movie, this extensive horror tome is really worth spending your time on. The book can be gotten here.

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Misery entails the story of Annie when she comes to the nurse and takes care of Author Paul Sheldon to regain back his health. In the process of Annie going to nurse the author back to his health, she didn’t take only her medical prowess there, she also brings a passion with Paul Sheldon’s work.

Annie didn’t like the way Sheldon just abandoned his major character, misery, and she wants him to do it right. However, Annie has got some weird ways to convince Sheldon. This is really a must-read and it can be gotten on Amazon.

Rose Madder

Rose Madder is a novel by Stephen King that tells the story of Rose daniels who has just hardly pull through a ruthless marriage for 14 years, however, she eventually manages to run away from the abusive marriage since it was not working for her. Norman, Rose’s previous husband is not only a mentally-deranged monster, he is also an officer. Kindly check here to get the book.

The Institute

One of the latest offerings from the super-creative Stephen King takes us into a terrifying institute that keeps children that are kidnapped with special potentials. Later on, a 12-year-old kid among them later finds out that the staff there are removing the powers of the kid and he tries to escape. the problem is, no one has ever escaped. Check here to get the book.

Under the Dome

An unseen dome all of a sudden segregates the town from the remaining humans in the world. Nothing can move in or out of the town and cars also burst into flames upon contacts. Though, a group of brave humans try to know what exactly is wrong and also how they can handle it.


Whereas an unlawful and dubious politician wants to hold on to his power at all cost. Get it here.