Top 5 Best Android Launchers for Android Devices

This article is about the Top 5 Best Android Launchers that is available for Android Devices.  Although Google Now Launcher is one of the most popularly used Android launchers apps. Google Now launcher is a default launcher and it comes with almost all smartphone.

Android Launchers Top 5 Best Android Launchers for Android Devices

Since there are many other alternatives available you can simply choose the one that you prefer from the ones listed in this article. Below are the top 5 best Android Launchers app that you can download and install on your smartphone.

1. Nova Launcher Android Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers around. It is the most powerful Android launchers app available in the world. It helps users to organize all their phone applications in a vertical scrolling and arranged it alphabetically. Nova Launcher app gives an impressive collection of quality default settings to their user’s smartphone. The app supports dock customizations, notification badges, and folder and icon customization etc. You can download the app on your Google Playstore.

2. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 is also one of the best Android Launchers app available for Android device. It comes with an easy-to-use and an intuitive UI. This application comes with an app drawer that slides in from the left edge of a user phone screen. Action Launcher 3 also helps users to organize all apps on their device in alphabetical order. The app can be download on Google Play store.

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3. Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher is also one of the best Android Launchers app available. This launcher is pre-installed on all Google Pixel devices. Pixel Launcher Personalized information from Google with just a swipe away. It is very easy to use and the app customizes your smartphone very well. Pixel Launcher can be download on Google playstore app or website.

4. Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair Launcher is a new Android Launcher App. This Android Launcher comes with Notification Dots, App Shortcuts, Adaptive Icons, and Notification Previews features. It works just like a Pixel Launcher. You can also Download the app on Google Playstore.

5. Microsoft Android Launchers

Microsoft Launcher is formerly known as Arrow Launcher. This Launcher comes with a spotlight-search option that can be enabled when users slide down on the home screen. The launcher is developed by Microsft. It is very fast and has many customizations on it. You can get the application on Google play store.