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Apple TV 4K Review, Release Date and Price

Apple TV 4K. The Apple TV 4K is here now! And this device comes with so many upgrades which include the HDMI 2.1, the A12 chip, high frame rate HDR, Thread, a completely redesigned Siri Remote, and many more. The New Apple TV 4K vs the Old One. The Old Apple TV 4K was released […]

Google Nest Hub Review and Sleep Sensing Features

Google Nest Hub Review. If you happen to own a Google smart display, there are chances that it is the first-generation Nest Hub. There have also been others like the Lenovo Smart Display that is being powered by Google Assistant. Or even the pricey, camera-equipped Nest Hub Max.   There are so many things you […]

Roku Does Customizable Buttons on the Voice Remote Pro

Roku Does Customizable Buttons on the Voice Remote Pro. Roku has got such strange relationships with remotes. When it comes to branded buttons, then it is definitely one of the worst offenders. One of the remotes of Roku bears a strange glyph that has never been used for anything. Still, when it comes to customizability, Roku […]

Why am i addicted to video games? Causes and How to Stop

Video Games Addiction. A Video game is an interactive electronic game that sure involves interaction with a user interface or input device to generate visual feedback for the video gamer. The feedback generated for the video gamer is then displayed on a video display device. Just like a monitor, TV set, virtual reality headset, touchscreen, […]

How to Change Siri Voice in iOS 14.5

How to Change Siri Voice in iOS 14.5. Until now, I believe we are all aware that the default voice for Apple’s Siri assistant has been a female voice. But several studies found out that having AI assistants default to female-sounding voices. Can actually support unfavorable stereotypes. That is the more reason Apple decided to […]

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 – All You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021. Samsung has announced its new Galaxy Unpacked event set to be released on the 28th of April, 2021 at 10 AM ET, thereby teasing the announcement of “the most powerful Galaxy” device. Though, the teaser isn’t forthcoming. However, given the nature of the announcement made by Samsung as well as the usual […]