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Google is Planning on offering loans to Merchants in India

Google has finally revealed its plan to give out loans to so many merchants in India through its Google Pay app. Google also disclosed that the loans give out will be starting this year. As the American technology group is trying their very best to assist the country’s little business. Just to overcome the pandemic […]

Google Drive for Beginners | How to use Google Drive

Today’s article revolves around How to use Google Drive. Most times, you save files, videos and even photos on your phone and memory card and the next thing you see is “Memory full”. Saving photos, videos on the phone or memory card is not really safe. The reason is that your phone or memory can […]

Facebook Pay App Setup Settings | Facebook Pay Via Messenger App.

Facebook Pay App Setup: Facebook is a website that allows users to easily connect with their friends, families, and loved ones. The app also enables you to send messages, share videos and images, content, memories, and so many more. Facebook has released a service known as the “Facebook pay” which makes it very easy for […]

Why am I Addicted to Video Games?: Causes and How to Stop.

Are you addicted to Video Games? And you want to know the cause and how to stop the addiction. Then follow up with this article. Before then lets talk about Video Games. Video game is an electronic game which involves interacting with a user interface. In order to get visual feedback on a two- or […]