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Google is Currently Facing a New Antitrust Probe from California

California is reported to have placed an antitrust investigation into the worldwide popular United States multinational technology company, Google, Politico reports. This simply means that the company is currently facing an antitrust thorough investigation. As well as study from all the states in the United States of America bar one. Though, the main aspect of […]

Google Makes Education Push Forward in India

Google revealed something to us on Monday. The company said it has partnered with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). In order to distribute a “blended learning experience” over 22,000 schools in India, which is the world’s second-largest internet market by the end of the year. CBSE is an Indian government body that oversees education […]

Skype’s Meet Now: How to Access Skype’s Meet Now Feature

Skype’s Meet Now:  The outbreak of the coronavirus which resulted in total lockdown in all countries has now made social distancing a major and common thing in all countries. Because of this, so many companies have launched different kinds of video conferencing apps. Which has also led to the growth of several video conferencing apps. […]

HP Envy X360 2020 Review: AMD Wins Again

HP Envy X360 2020 Review: AMD Wins Again. History has it that the Envy line is the best option for the Hp’s midrange. The model is rung above the budget Pavilion but rung under the flagship Spectre. The price of the model starts at $699 and with no doubt, it blurs the latter line. It […]

Apple Launches its Free Coding Courses and Materials for Educators

Apple has now revealed its plans for a new and free resource. This will help teachers and educators to be able to teach or coach both Xcode and Swift. Apple’s newest educational initiative is Swift and Xcode. They are aimed at helping and encouraging students to learn app development. In two days’ time. That is, […]

Whatsapp Business now has 50m MAUs, adds QR Codes, and Catalogue Sharing

The worldwide COVID 19 health pandemic has raised a stake for businesses, especially Whatsapp Business. To make use of digital channels so as to easily connect with their customers and vice versa. Well, Whatsapp has released the feature including QR codes, and catalog sharing. This feature really benefited and is benefiting so many businesses on […]