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Hootsuite mentions that it would stop its ICE contract ‘without delay’

Hootsuite said it will put an end to its contract ICE, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This decision was a result of the dispute which occurred inside the company and spilled over into public controversy. Hootsuite told TechCrunch that it “can confirm the termination of its only pending contract with ICE”. And will ” […]

Apple to introduce its online store on the 23rd of September in India

Apple will soon launch its online store on the 23rd of September in India. Introducing a range of services for the first customers in the world’s largest smartphone market in more than 20 years. Since its operation in the country. Apple, which currently depends on offline retailers as well as third-party to sell its products […]

YouTube – Who created YouTube?

Holla!, in this article, I will be discussing more on the YouTube service and who created the service. Before then, what is the service all about? Well, YouTube is an online video-sharing platform where users (called the YouTubers) are enabled to upload videos, view videos, rate it, share them, add to playlists and even report, […]

Nikola founder steps down from board as company encounters fraud allegations

Nikola founder steps down from the board as the company encounters fraud allegations. The founder of Nikola, Trevon Milton, the executive chairman is leaving the board of directions. After accusations that the zero-emission vehicle initialization deceived investors, the company mentioned on Sunday. Nikola founder, Trevor Milton is to be replaced by Stephen Girsky (existing board […]

WeChat, Trump administration is blocked by U.S. district court

WeChat, Trump administration is blocked by U.S. district court. Some days ago, the U.S. Commerce Department made a series of rules. That helped in blocking the download of WeChat and TikTok by American users. This was according to an executive order that was signed by President Donald Trump in August. TikTok receives a high time […]