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Telegram App Download, Invention and Telegram Account Delete

Telegram may be among the most popular messaging app in the universe, however, there are still some people who do not know about the app and how it work. and that is the more reason why I am writing this article. What is a telegram? Well, Telegram is an online multi-platform messaging service that was […]

 Marketing apps for Business- Free apps to Download Marketing

Marketing apps – Free apps to download for Marketing. Marketing simply refers to the activity, set of institutions, as well as processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and also exchanging that have got value for partners, clients, customers, and even the society at large. Effectively marketing a mobile app involves stating your target audience, learning how […]

Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra Review, Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is an upcoming smartphone by Samsung. Rumors had it that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is going to launch with a 6.80-inch touchscreen display together with a resolution of 1440 x 3220 pixels. Just at a pixel density of 515 pixels per inch. The phone is also expected to be powered […]

World Remit App, Review, Download, App, and Customer Service

World Remit App. World Remit is a universal leader in mobile money transactions. With the largest international network, the company makes it very easy for anyone to send or transfer money to any mobile money account. Every month, they send more than 180,000 mobile money transfers globally. World Remit App World Remit app is a […]

How to Unblock and block Someone on Facebook

Learn how to Unblock and block Someone on Facebook. Facebook is a platform where you can chat, send pictures, videos, share memories, thoughts, and articles with your colleagues and families. Aside from all the goodies that Facebook allows you to do on its platform, there are still other things you can do on the Facebook […]

Ring includes end-to-end encryption to secure your video streams

Ring includes end-to-end encryption to secure your video streams. The ring has started including support for end-to-end encryption to its cameras. The feature will encrypt video streams from the camera to the device that it is being streamed to. So anybody in between won’t have access to it. This end-to-end encryption feature by Ring was […]