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How to Get Verified on Twitter without being Famous

Twitter is a free online social media service that enables users to interact. The means of interaction between users is by message tweeting. This service enables users to discover interesting people and companies online. Getting your account verified with the twitter icon doesn’t mean the users can tweet a message that exceeds 140 characters to […]

What are the best iPhone games for free?

Most iPhone free games are known to be great and full of IAP. To save you the stress of looking for them we have compiled some best iPhone games for free you can play. What are the best iPhone games for free? However, we should have in mind the meaning of IAPs. Many free games […]

Which are the Best games in the Play Store?

Due to the enormous quantity of games on the android play store, it will be quite difficult for anyone to choose which is best to play. Just as games are created every day it will be impossible to play all. As we all know, not all games on the play store are free due to […]

Why is My Mac Fan Loud? How To Fix and Cause

Do you keep asking yourself Why is My Mac Fan Loud? How To Fix and What could be the Cause? Do your fans on Mac PC make so much noise? If it does you do not need to panic, it’s not something bad. But you still need to check it to figure out what the […]

Top Portable Tech Gadgets you will need for everyday use

Top Portable Tech Gadgets you will need for everyday use. Technology is everywhere and it’s what keeps the world going to the extent people have to live their everyday lives using technology. It has taken the role of brightening the day and it can also be seen as a sauce of the morning coffee for […]

8 Best Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games 2020

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing game for family and friends. It has a very good battery life and it can connect to numerous players, which makes it the best time killer game for the period. The only problem you may encounter in playing Nintendo Switch games is selecting the best for you and your […]

Best Gadget To Make Social Distancing Easier

Let’s talk about Best Gadget To Make Social Distancing Easier. Respecting the lockdown and obeying the social distancing law from the government and health care centers are what we should do as a good citizen. However, if you do not have a lot of people around you or pet things might get very frustrating in […]

How To Make A Conference Call On iPhone

On your iPhone, you are allowed to make calls with up to five people a the same time, which makes it easy to make a conference call. The other people do not need any special thing, just their mobile phone too of any type. How to add someone to a conference call You call to […]