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Nokia 9.2 Pureview: All the Leaked News you Need to Know.

Those Nokia fans who are observant we notice that Nokia 9.2 PureView was the last smartphone of this series and it was released February 2019. It is expected logically that the next phone in that series should be Nokia 9.1 base on the naming series. However, sources like NotebookCheck reported that the intended Nokia 9.1 […]

Coronavirus: How to protect yourself from this virus.

Let’s talk about How to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Many infected people experience mild sickness and they later recover, but it is not like that for everyone, for others, it can be more severe. You have to take care of your health and protect yourself and others by doing the following things Coronavirus: How to […]

Best iPhone and Android Games to Play During Isolation.

With an Amazing choice of good games for iPhone and Android users, it is pretty difficult to decide what you should download and play especially in this period of isolation. It should not be a problem. Best iPhone and Android games to play during Isolation We are here with an amazing list of recent and […]

Latest Update on Covid 19 also known as Cornavirus

The death toll increases all over the world, with a total number of 37,091 and 775,540. Today in Italy the death toll from the COVID 19 virus rose by 812 to 11,591. Italy still has over 100,000 affected people with 4,050 new cases reported. While in Spain over 800 death was recorded in the last […]

Nokia 8.3 Review, Release Date and Specification

Nokia smartphone lineups are one of the most far-reaching phones available. In the lineup, we get a boosting three new smartphones in which the Nokia 8.3 5G is spectacular. in the lineups we have the Nokia 8.3 5G, Nokia 5.3, Nokia 1.3, and Nokia 5310 and they all come with a headphone jack feature. Nokia […]

Top 10 Budget Laptops For Student 2020

Top 10 Budget Laptops For Student. Getting a good laptop for a student is not always cheap. When someone is off to college, the budget is made and laptops tend to be one of the budgeted items. It does not really mean you have to get the very best laptops for college students, but some […]

Cheap Laptop For Programming Students 2020

Let’s talk about Cheap Laptop For Programming Students. Programs are created using lines of “code” by the programmer, by creating technical solutions to attend to their client or to fix personal problems. Being a computer programmer you need to have an amazing laptop. This led to us creating this list of amazing cheap laptops for […]

Guide to Creating a Facebook Fan Page.

You might be wondering how people grow their business using Facebook fan page. Even though you don’t have free time, you can make one and grow your business using Facebook fan page.   Some few easy steps will be enlisted below to guide you in building a Facebook fan page, to grow your business and […]