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Google Takeout: An Easy Way to Backup Google Account

Google takeout is a service that allows users of Google products to back up their files easily. It offers offline download options. so users can download the entire files in Gmail, YouTube. The feature uses the archive file to effectively determine and retrieve data that is stored on your Google platforms. So if the internet […]

Find Cheap Plane Tickets on Google Flights Tracker

Google flights is a Google service that lets you get the best and cheapest plane tickets. The service gives access to well over airline companies. This service is totally different from Google my business as companies play no role in the Google official tranking. Find your Flights on Google Flights Tracker Go to Google Flights […]

Proofreading Grammarly for Chrome: Eliminate Errors on Your Writings by Proof-reading

Avoiding mistakes in blog-post, academic writings and other copy-writing piece is not above anyone. Grammarly for chrome is one of the surest way to eliminate selling errors and grammatical alterations. Wrong spelling and difficult to read grammatical structure can easily put readers off because it is hard to piece together the information they want. Who […]

How To Download Facebook Videos To your Laptop

So you want to Ever want to download Facebook videos but facebook doesn’t provide you with a download link. Worst is facebook does not provide you with a link to copy.   How To Download Facebook Videos So how do you download facebook videos, There are two methods that will be made known to you. […]

Popular Samuel l Jackson Movies and his Net Worth

There is hardly anyone in recent time that has not seen a Samuel L Jackson movies. He is by far the most dominant black actor in the industry. Samuel L Jackson is one of the most popular black actors in Hollywood. A rare gem that exists closely with the like of Morgan Freeman, Eddie Murphy […]