Atomic Wallet Review | Is Atomic Wallet Safe [ANSWERED] | Atomic Wallet Download

Atomic Wallet was developed in 2017 by Konstantin Gladych, who is also co-founder and CEO of, a well-known cryptocurrency trading platform.

The Atomic Wallet is platform-agnostic, which means it works with a wide variety of operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu, and other Linux distributions such as Debian and Fedora.

Atomic Wallet Overview

Atomic Wallet’s goal is to integrate user-friendliness and creative features into a single package to provide consumers with convenient access.

It derives its name from an integrated feature that enables atomic transfers. The desktop program enables crypto traders and fans to maintain complete control over their crypto assets by storing transaction data and private keys on the user’s device rather than on Atomic Wallet’s servers.


  • Atomic Wallet is straightforward, with an easy-to-navigate layout.
  • Atomic Swap allows for the trading of 500 coins and tokens on the platform.
  • The Atomic Wallet gives encrypted private keys that are stored on the user’s digital device.


  • The Atomic wallet cryptocurrency platform does not include support for hardware wallets.
  • To purchase cryptocurrency, only selected supported coins are available in the wallet.

Configuring and Using Atomic Wallet

All you have to do is visit the wallet’s official website,, and download and install it on your PC.

After installing the wallet, click on Open Wallet and create a strong password that includes a mix of lower and upper case letters, numerals, and special characters.

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After you’ve entered the password, the wallet will generate a 12-word mnemonic backup phrase for you to write down and save securely. In the case that your computer becomes damaged, you can use the phrase to regain access to your currency.

After copying the phrase, you can begin using your Atomic Wallet. Bear in mind that if you misplace the phrase, you will be unable to reclaim the currencies in your wallet.

Using the software wallet is also not rocket science, especially with Atomic Wallet’s user-friendly UI. Log in with your password and locate the coin you’d like to add to your wallet. Alongside the coin, you’ll notice a section labeled “your address,” which varies by currency.

To add coins to your wallet, simply type or paste the appropriate address next to the coin and complete the transaction. Funds may take up to a half-hour to appear in your account.

Atomic Wallet’s Security

Atomic Wallet has a number of cutting-edge security mechanisms to ensure the safety of your currencies. Several of the most critical are listed below:

Advanced Level Encryption

The software wallet encrypts all connections and transactions. Additionally, the data being transferred and received is encrypted.


The wallet is a server-less wallet, which implies that you do not need to register with the service in order to use it. Likewise, it does not store any of your personal information on the server and does not outsource transaction processing to third parties. This provides an elevated level of security.

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Private Passwords

As with your personal information, you retain complete control over your private keys, which are not stored on Atomic Wallet’s servers. Rather than that, the keys are saved on your device.

Seed Phrase & Password

Apart from these security precautions, your account is protected by a strong password and a 12-word seed phrase, which ensures that you can still access your coins even if your computer is compromised or damaged.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Atomic Wallet supports over 300 digital currencies, including the most prominent cryptocurrencies and all ERC-20 tokens. The atomic wallet currently supports the following main currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, EOS, Litecoin, Tether USD, Cardano, and Monero.


All in all, Atomic Wallet is a solid solution if you’re seeking a highly secure and user-friendly software wallet. The UI is simple to use, and the wallet supports up to 300 coins. A fantastic solution for both beginners and crypto enthusiasts.