Ascend 910 Processor Launch And What To Expect

Huawei finally launched the highly anticipated Ascend 910 processor. The operating system was made known to the public at 2018 flagship event.

ascend 910 chipset

Ascend is currently the world’s most powerful AI chipset.

Ascend 910 Chipset

Huawei Ascend 910 is a brand new processor is for AI model training. The Ascend is a major part  Ascend-Max chipsets series.

Technology enthusiasts are aware of and anticipating the results of Huawei’s year-long research, tests, and developments.

The Ascend 910 is the reply and it is not disappointing. It is capable of operating using low power consumption. The company’s spokesman states that the Ascend 910 AI processor is capable of performing heavy tasks with just 310W.

According to Xu, Huawei’s Chairman, “Indeed Ascend 910 surpasses expectations. Also stating that “ it is undoubtedly the best chipset in terms of saving power during computing.”

MindSpore: AI Computing Framework

Huawei has an  AI computing framework called the MindSpore. The unveiling Mindspore and the ascend chipset took place at the same event. It will certainly a game-changer as it will make developing AI applications easier.

MindSpore’s AI framework is a friendly, adaptive and flexible platform friendly that works on various platforms including cloud services, edge, and IoT computing devices.

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Huawei could create MindSpore as an open-source platform in the coming years to boost AI adoption. The company is confident that if it reaches all target is hit in fusing Ascend 910 and MindSpore. Then they can attain a better speed in training  AI models fast as twice.

Huawei’s AI Strategy For The Future

The company has created a well-planned roadmap for its AI program. Huawei will look forward to investing in AI research, strengthen the existing portfolio and build a full-stack AI portfolio, and create an open-ecosystem and support talents.

Huawei wants to make AI a  “true general-purpose technology.” The company is going to launch more AI products during the forthcoming Huawei Connect 2019 event on the 18th and 20th of September in Shanghai.