Apple Watch Battery Tips To Prolong Your Battery Life


The apple watch battery is a major user complain. In spite of the Apple guaranteeing customers of an 18 hours battery life, it is proving difficult to manage.

Most of the battery life issues boil down to usability and settings issues. As such users can improve their Apple battery life with the following tips.

Apple Watch Battery

Apple Watch battery life tips

Below are some important tips that will help improve your Apple Watch battery life.

Disable Wake on Wrist Raise

The Apple Watch is by default design to turn on whenever you lift up your wrist. It applies gyroscope and accelerometer to enable easy viewing. This setting proves a demerit in terms of battery. The watch cannot certainly tell if you want to look at it. As such it pinches out of the battery life every time that happens. To Save Apple Battery Life

  • Go to Settings
  • Then go to General
  • Tap Wake Screen to switch off ‘Wake Screen on Wrist Raise’.

This means you will be required to tap the screen to apple watch display.

Turn Down Colour

Colour display of the apple watch is also a major contributor to the Apple Watch battery life. it is true that displays work better with a black background. As such some background use a lot of vibrant colors that run down the battery life.

To manage your battery there is a handful of customized watch faces you can apply. I recommend setting up a simple black-and-gray watch face.

Alternatively, you can turn on Grayscale mode.

  • Go to General
  • Then Accessibility.

Reduce that motion

Fancy graphical tricks in watchOS are designed to switch seamless but draw little more power.

You might have to choose between a neat melding animation on your home screen or transparency effects.

Unlock with iPhone

When you’re setting up your Apple Watch, it’ll ask you whether you’d like to turn on Unlock with iPhone. It works exactly as it sounds; when you unlock your iPhone, it’ll also unlock your Apple Watch. You won’t have to type in your passcode on that tiny Watch screen, which is a wonderful convenience, but you’ll also save time not inputting a passcode, saving precious seconds of display time and, by extension, saving some battery life.

Turn off the heart rate monitor

As the heart rate monitor constantly monitors your pulse it takes a significant chunk from your Apple Watch battery life. Disabling it will ultimately increase the battery life of your phone.

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It can be turned off through the watch app available on your iPhone.

Workout Power Saving Mode

To save battery life during work out sections. Turn on Workout Power Saving mode in the General section this will result in the phone turning off the heart rate monitor for walking and running exercises. Although Your calorie burn calculations may be inaccurate in exchange for a better Apple Watch battery life.


Get rid of Activity Reminders

The Activity app is always on your case. If you’ve been sitting for 50 minutes in an hour it’ll remind you to stand. It’ll give you progress updates every four hours. It’ll notify you when you get an achievement. And then, every week, it’ll send you a summary of what you did and recommend new goals for the next week. It’s helpful stuff, but all those notifications can ding battery life significantly.

Adjust the haptic vibrations

The gentle vibration is the best notification on any device. However, the Apple battery watch is the price to pay for this feature. The effect on your battery can be reduced.

If you head to Settings and go into Sounds & Haptics, simply turn off Prominent Haptics off.

Turn off Siri

Your Apple Watch is constantly searching for the words, “Hey Siri,” if your sir app is active. So that Apple’s personal assistant can set your next appointment or play your favorite song. It is a cool app on the iPhone but it’s also a good way to drain your battery. To turn off Siri.

Go to the General section in the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

Turn on Do Not Disturb

You’re in a big meeting and want to neutralize your Apple Watch pings, but you also want them to return after the meeting without having to faff about in big menus. Sounds like you need a healthy dose of Do Not Disturb, friend.

Simply swipe from down on the apple watch to access Do Not Disturb from the Control Center. The icon is a half-moon. All you need do is tap on it.

Slim down background refreshes

All of those apps on your Apple Watch are constantly refreshing in the background, pulling in new information so that when you open up the app, you have the latest news or sports score right there with minimal waiting. That convenience comes at a price: battery life.

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There’s a Background App Refresh menu in the General section of the Watch app. That’s where you’ll be able to either turn off all background refreshes or toggle them on or off for individual apps. So you can prioritize refreshes in apps you rely on while turning them off on non-essential apps you rarely use, saving battery life.

Turn off the sound

The Apple Watch can ring whenever you receive a notification, which can be helpful if you’re not into haptic feedback but isn’t so helpful with battery life. You can turn off the sound pretty quickly by swiping up, tapping the bell icon and being done with the beeps and bops.

Use Theater Mode

Theater Mode is great for meetings and dark places – like a movie theater, duh – where you expect notifications, but you don’t want your screen accidentally turning on and distracting everyone else.

Bonus benefit: Because it doesn’t turn on the screen, it’s not using as much battery power, which means you’ve got a little more juice to get you through the day.

Turn on Power Reserve mode

If you’ve done everything you can, and you’re still in danger of running out of juice, there’s always Power Reserve mode to tap into. You can turn this on by pressing and holding the power button and then choosing Power Reserve. This will shut down all features except the time, meaning you won’t be stuck with a dead screen on your wrist.

Improve Your Apple Watch Battery Life


You might not effect all solutions to save your Apple Watch battery life. However, implementing a few will highly improve your apple watch battery life.

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