Apple Self-Driving Car

Apple Self-Driving Car in 2024 with next-level battery technology


Apple Self-Driving Car in 2024 with next-level battery technology. Apple is making plans to release its self-driving car and it is also looking forward to 2024 to produce a passenger vehicle that will have its own battery technology, people that know about this told Reuters.

Apple Self-Driving Car

The automotive efforts of the makers of the iPhone, referred to as ‘Project Titan’, have started since the year 2014 when it initially began to design its own vehicle from the very first beginning. At a point, Apple curtailed the effort to concentrate on software and review its goals.

Apple is as well inspecting a chemistry for the battery knowns as Lithium Iron Phosphate or LFP, which is unlikely to burn out and it is evem more safer and secured than the rest of the lithium-ion batteries.

“It is the next level. Like the first time you saw the iPhone”, said the person who worked in Project Titans.

Back then in 2015, there were a lot of rumors that Apple is building a car. However, in 2016, this project was curtailed. Close to 200 people were dropped from the car team of Apple last year.

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Now it looks like Apple has put back concentration on developing an actual vehicle, though, we aren’t so sure when, where, and if this will ever happen.


Reuters Reports on Apple Self-Driving Car

However, Reuters made mention that 2024 is when Apple self-driving car would be developed. He further mentioned that the production could be postponed to 2025 or far off because of the coronavirus pandemic delays.

Reuters also made it clear that there are still possibilities that Apple could curtail its effort to just independent driving tech.

Reports say that the company is depending on third parties to supply some components of Apple self-driving tech, not excluding its LIDAR systems. The battery technology of Apple seemingly depends on mono cell design which enables more capacity to be suitable in the general battery unit by not splitting it up into separate cells.

Reuters also reports that it could enable for “a potentially longer range” and cost-effective.

Apple disdained Reuter’s Comment

If Apple is makings plans on developing a self-driving car, it may also come across a lot of authoritative difficulties. And barriers before it can surpass. The fact is there are no real self-driving cars around today. Although, some cars, like the ones from Tesla, gives a level of ultra-modern driver assistance driving in some circumstances.

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Formerly this month, Apple self-driving car project was handed by the company to the head of AI of the company, John Giannandrea to take charge. In 2018, they brought John Giannandrea on board to operate on Siri. Just after he formerly worked at Google as head of the search and artificial intelligence.

Not only Reuters. Another report also came from the Economic Daily News in Taiwan. It says that Apple self-driving car might come into existence in 2021. Going back to 2018, Ming-Chi Kuo, reliable Apple analyst foretell the release of a car between year 2023 and 2025. Following the reports of MacRumors.


In general, having said that. The notion has been that the company concentrated on the Apple self-driving car for some years now. Instead of the making of a true branded vehicle of Apple.