Apple: Rumors says the new iPhone 12 could be unveiled in coming days as planned by Virtual event


Apple is putting all efforts to launch the latest iPhone 12 a few days from now. This is according to several rumors heard. The latest reports show that Apple might pronounce the virtual event to display the new iPhone 12. And also, other upgraded products. Including iPads, as soon as this week.

It remains uncertain and unclear when and how the company would introduce the new phones. With the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus forcing most products not to launch as announced before. Thereby, causing products to launch very late than the supposed date.

However, the company seems to be arranging an online event this month (September), which could be pronounced tomorrow.
The first rumors of a forthcoming event were from Apple leaker Jon Prosser. Jon mentioned that the company was planning on sending out a press release on Tuesday morning (local time). Jon said:

“Though, I should note that it is not locked in until the press has been briefed, day off”.


Prosser Jon did not identify which of the forthcoming Apple products would be launching in the press release. As well as the iPhone. Rumors had it that the companywould be launching a new Apple Watch, upgraded iPads and also, accessories. Just like a version of the AirPods that would pass over the head. Rather than the ones that would just stay in the ears.

Mark’s comment concerning the release of Apple’s Products

However, fellow Apple leaker, Mark Gurman who has gotten so many successful runs of the company’s predictions. Over the years mentioned something concerning the release of Apple products. Mark said that any announcement that is yet to be pronounced might likely be about when the company would be hosting its launch event. Instead of just the launch.


Mark wrote on Twitter:

“I wouldn’t get too excited about rumors of new Apple products appearing this week. More likely I think: an announcement of the upcoming (of course virtual) September iPhone/Apple Watch event”.

It seems like the company would the events without warning since it wants to increase the number of people that would be watching its online iPhone releases. Even as such, Apple might still give out some time to promote the event to make sure it gets so many viewers.

Apple mentioned initially that the iPhone 12 will be delayed

Apple initially mentioned in July that the real date for the launch of the new iPhone 12 will be delayed, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus that resulted in total lockdown worldwide.

Apple’s chief financial officer, Luca Maestri mentioned something to the investors in a call following Apple’s results in July.

Luca said:
“Last year we started selling new iPhones in late September, this year we expect to supply to be available a few weeks later”.

However, Luca didn’t tell if Apple would release the phones later also, or that they would just take time to come in after the event.


Apple held its first main online event in June when its Worldwide Developers Conference event was withdrawn and was rather held online. Instead of its traditional on-stage keynote, the executives of Apple were filmed for a slick video which was later posted as a live stream on YouTube and its website.