Apple releases limited-edition “Black Unity Collection” Apple Watch


Apple releases limited-edition “Black Unity Collection” Apple Watch. The company is set to release a limited-edition Apple Watch for Black History Month, together with a nice new watch face, watchband, and even some of the proceeds going towards civil rights organizations.


The watch, which is a part of the latest Black Unity Collection of products, comes together with a black, green, and also red striped band and face as well, which is meant to mirror the Pan-African flag. Otherwise, it seems to be the quality aluminum version of the Watch Series 6 of the company, with its price starting at $399.

This band will be sold separately also for $49.

Well, the products will be on sale starting from the 1st of February, 2021 at the company and target. The band will as well be on sale all year, however, the watch as a whole will now be available to anyone having the company’s Watch later today.


Apple to allow six global organizations as a part of the release of this product

The company also mentioned that it will be allowing six global organizations as a part of the release of this product. Not excluding the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Black Lives Matter Support Fund, and European Network Against Racism.

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In addition to the new watch edition. The company mentioned a number of other initiatives for Black History Month this year. There will also be a hub in the App Store spotlighting Black-owned businesses as well as developers. Apple Music will receive essays, curated playlists, original videos, as well as other content spotlighting Black artists.

Also, the company’s maps are receiving curated recommendations from EatOkra, which spotlights Black-owned restaurants. Apple has plans on curating stories which is mainly focused on Black families and encounters in the Apple News apps. And Apple TV and also spotlights Black authors in Apple podcasts as well as in Apple Books.

The tech company also is part of some of the tech giants that pledged hundreds of millions of dollars collectively. Towards racial equity initiatives. The company also mentioned a $100 million fund in June 2020. The company said it would build a developer education center in Detroit.


And would also support a tech hub for classically Black colleges as well as universities in Atlanta.