Apple Music: Learn more about Apple Music Family Share

Apple Music share is a feature on the apple music player that allows you to share music with friends and family.The process is really simple with just a few taps.
Apple Music: Know more about Apple Music Family Share
However, there is an apple music subscription plan that allows  share for up to six user charged under a single payment. So you can either apple music share playlist, song or  subscribe to apple music family plan.

How to Share Apple Music with a Family Plan

The apple music family share is a feature under the apple music family plans that allows user to include friends and family by setting the apple family sharing feature.  So, you need to set up Family Sharing and then invite friends to your family group.

Note that:

  • You have to be subscribed to a Family Plan.
  • Friend and family on your group must be out of subscription.

Individual plan does not include more than one user.

So you you need to change individual plans to family by:

Set Up Apple Music Family share Android

Apple music player installed on android phone are not exclude from having access to all features. Follow the steps below to share music to android users.

  • Tap the Apple Music app.
  • touch three-line icon to view menu.
  • Tap the photo icon to go to settings.
  • Then, enter Manage Membership and,
  • Enter apple music login if prompted.
  • Go to Family Setup (if you’ve already set up your Family and just need to add someone to Apple Music, tap Family in this step).
  • Tap Continue.
  • You can add members to your family sharing by email or by apple ID.

Share Apple Music via Text Message, Email, or Social Media

There are other methods of sharing music and album via text, email or social media

  • First open apple Music app.
  • Go to the song or album you wish to share.
  • Tap the menu icon.
  • In the menu that pops up, tap Share Song (or Share Album).
  • Tap the way you want to share the music. Your options include things like AirDrop, Messages, Email, or social media apps.

Apple music is simple one of the reasons why you should buy an iphone.