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Apple Music for Android includes mentions of rumored “Apple One” services bundle


Apple Music for Android includes mentions of the rumored “Apple One” services bundle. Apple Music’s latest beta version for Android includes strings of code that declare the bundle of the rumor of the services of Apple. This report is according to 9to5Google, the name “Apple One” is included there also.

“Subscription bundle” is also included in the new text. As are triggered about how customers can control their Apple One subscription. Right from an iPad, Apple TV, Mac, or even an iPhone.

The mentions of Apple One cannot be viewed in the app itself. However, 9to5Google ruined the Apple Music APK to locate them. The code strings back up according to Bloomberg last month that disclosed that Apple will soon reveal a subscription. With a discount for most of its services.

Apple Music

Apple is supposed to take a tiered step, merging Apple Music and Apple TV Plus in the affordable tier. And including several other services just like Apple News Plus, Apple Arcade, and additional iCloud storage in more costly monthly plans.


Bloomberg’s report concerning Apple Music

Bloomberg’s report states that the company was deeply pointing out to the bundle as Apple One. However, the Apple Music update is a very powerful indicator that it will as well be what the package deal is identified as when it is finally released to consumers.

If the name seems familiar, that might be as a result of Google having a monthly subscription plan known as “Google One”. And which includes exclusive promotions, cloud storage, as well as phone backups.

Apple One is supposed to be seriously merchandised toward families, as it will enable the Family Sharing feature of Apple. And also allow so many people share several services that are among the bundle. Apple will possibly declare the pricing of the latest bundle someday over the next couple of weeks.

Maybe in the September 15th event or even at an iPhone 12 event sometime later.

To review: an announcement by Apple was just noticed in the Android apps of one of the companies. Just imagine. The latest Apple Music beta also has most of the similar features that the Music app is receiving in iOS 14.


Not excluding a revamped “now playing” screen (with colors that shift centered on album art), a fresh red icon, and a new Listen Now section. This was noted by Android Police.