Apple launches another megastore in China amid William Barr Criticism


Apple is an American technology company with its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The company is based on developing and designing computer software, consumer electronics, and it also provides online services. It also sells computer software, online services as well as consumer electronics.

The company is one of the largest Big Tech technologies companies. Followed by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and the most used social media network, Facebook.


Apple’s hardware products include iPhone, the Mac personal computer, iPad tablet computer, the Apple Watch smartwatch, the AirPods wireless earbuds as well as the Homepod smart speaker and so many more.

Its software products include iOS, tvOS operating systems, watchOS, macOS, iPadOS, the Safari web browser, professional applications like Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Xcode and so many other of its software products.

While its online services include the Mac App Store, iMessage, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Apple TV+, iCloud, and the iOS App Store. Other services include AppleCare, Apple Pay Cash, Apple Store, Apple Cared, and Genius Bar.

The company has now launched a big megastore in China amid William Barr criticism,

Apple launches another megastore in China amid William Barr Criticism

The company took its time to open another megastore in China on Friday. This megastore is situated in the shopping district Sanlitun of Beijing’s upscale. The outlet replaces and it is more than two times the size of the first store Apple built in China, still in the same location. This really brought about a sensation far back in the year 2008.


The building of landmark opened again in the heat of u.s. scrutiny above the hardware behemoth’s ties with China. According to a speech that was released on Thursday, Attorney General William Barr criticized a raft of American tech companies because they played by China’s rules. Including the almighty Apple. He signed out Apple for being an accession to the Chinese Communists.

Apple Depending on China

Apple has for long really depended on China not only for Manufacturing partners. It also depended on China for generating revenues from the sales of its iPhone, as well as its App Store (including games). Although, manufacturers of local smartphones just like Huawei.

Have already been chipping away at the Chinese market share of Apple in current quarters. Thereby, abandoning the American giant with over 10 percent of total shipment in the fifth place, following the research of Counterpoint. Huawei launched its widest and biggest store in June to date.

Attorney General William Barr criticized the Company

Attorney General William Barr, criticized the company because the company yanked applications on behalf of the Chinese government.

The reasons for these bans are likely from muting political services, just like the map that was used for protests in Hong Kong. In stoping a regulatory loophole that leads to the withdrawal of thousands of unlicensed games in China.

The latest basis displays the first integrated solar array of the company in a retail store in China. This enables it to supply power to the store beneath just like the facilities of Apple worldwide working so fine on renewable energy. The company mentioned that it is sustaining so many clean energy that is in China to power over 450,000 homes every year.

Sanlitun store Increament


During the last 12 years, the store of Sanlitun has really increased to 185 staff from 52 staff. The Sanlitun store has as well interested and enticed over 22 million people that visit the store.