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Apple latest iPhones wont ship with earbuds or even a wall charger


Apple’s latest iPhone 12 lineup won’t ship with earbuds or even a wall charger in the box. The major reason for that is to reduce the environmental impact of the phone as said by Apple. Rather, they will all ship with just a USB-C to Lightning cable. Together with the latest phones of Apple, the company is as well pulling out the accessories from its available iPhone models moving forward.

Apple also mentioned that it will not be adding a charger or earbuds with the iPhone 12 series on environmental grounds. Correspondingly, the company did not add a charging brick with the Apple Watch models of this year. The company says this move simply means that it has to make use of lesser raw materials for each iPhone being sold out.

Apple iPhone

It also enables a smaller retail box, which means 70% more units can go on a single shipping pallet and lessen carbon emissions.  Generally, Apple evaluates the changes will reduce more than 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions yearly. That is the equivalent of pulling out 450,000 cars from the road every year.

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Apple: Initial reports of Apple’s change

Initial reports of Apple’s change have been met with disapproval online. With some people saying that the change has so much to do with increasing the margins of Apple as well as reducing its shipping costs. Instead of just having to protect the environment.

Not regarding the motives of Apple, moreover, the move or will I say step that the company took is more likely to reduce e-waste though.

In addition to Apple not shipping the accessories with its latest phones, the company is as well pulling out Lightning earbuds and wall chargers from the previous iPhones in its lineup that it will still be selling out. When you visit or go to Apple’s site, the listings for iPhone XR, iPhone 11.

As well as iPhone SE of 2020 now states clearly that they will only ship with a phone and USB-C to Lightning cable inside the box.

The company says there are 700 million accessories worldwide

As part of what Apple announced, the company made it clear to us that there are 2 billion Apple power adapters. As well as 700 million Lightning headphones already worldwide. In addition, the company says that a lot of people have two accessories already.

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Updated with the news or reports that the Apple accessories will not ship with the iPhone XR, iPhone 11. As well as the iPhone SE any longer.