Apple reopening

Apple is Reopening some US Stores this week


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, US Apple retail stores since mid-March have been closed. But this week the Apple will start reopening some of them. An Apple representative told CNBC ” We are glad we will start opening stores this week in the US, we will start from the stores in South Carolina, Alabama, Idaho, and Alaska.

Apple reopening

Although we will not be allowing many visitors in the store due to the new social distancing protocol. With that, they may be a delay for customers coming in, and we recommend customers to buy online where possible for in-store pickup or delivery without contact.

In the above states listed, there are just six Apple stores. Though it is not certain if they are opening all of them it is a small-scale return. It will enable the company to monitor the operation and activities of the stores closely and apply things learned from the location to welcome back customers from other locations too.

In the United States Apple runs 271 stores and over 500 stores globally. While in Asia, Europe, and Australia, over 70 stores have been opened after being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Apple has started operating in China, they are the quickest to operate after the signs of the virus have seen to be under control. While in major cities it will likely take a long time before Apple’s stores will be returned. Meanwhile, CEO Tim Cook reported to Bloomberg that few stores are planned to open in the US in the first half of May.

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Just like the case of Apple store reopening in other countries most in Asia, Europe, and Australia. The US apple store retail employees will be offer access to temperature checks and also always wear face masks. Moreover, to customers, they will be provided with face covering.

However, the company says, product repairs are the major focus in the early days of reopening. Lots of people likely had left their devices at the Genius Bar stranded due to the nationwide closure. Even with the opportunities customers were given by Apple to retrieve their devices after being repaired before the stores locked their doors.

Below is the full statement of Apple Reopening as works to resume, getting retail service in the US back and running:

We are happy that this week we will be reopening stores in the US. We are to start with stores in South Carolina, Idaho, Alabama, and Alaska. Meanwhile, our team is observing and monitoring government guidance and health data. We will open our stores as soon as we can safely do so.

We look forward to rendering our supports as we have missed our customers. Our primary focus now is offering service and support at the Genius Bas, as many have been learning and working from home.

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We will open with more safety procedures by adding temperature checks. Observe social distancing, and face masks to both customers and employees for them to stay healthy. Though with the new social distancing protocol limited customers will be allowed in the store. At a time and there will be a delay for customers coming in.

We advise, where possible, customers to purchase their products online for in-store pickup and also delivery without contact.


As local guidance is different around the US it may lead to little changes to our procedures. As always, those affected by the virus are in our thoughts. And others working with all their efforts to study, treat, and contain the virus.