Apple iPad Air (2020)

Apple IPAD Air Price, Design, Battery Life and More


Apple IPAD Air (2020). The Apple Ipad Air 2020 is sure a great iPad to get for use. It has got a great quad-speaker which adds to the immersion and of course< it has excellent battery life. iOS has enabled nice multitasking and if you have got a keyboard dock, you can as well receive some productivity work.

Just like making spreadsheets, typing documents, and even more. The Apple IPAD Air enables iPad Pro peripherals, which is great. Though, it may not receive the dual-camera setup of the Pro, or even the LIDAR sensor or the 120Hz display.

Apple iPad Air (2020)

However, it makes great compromises to lure an old user of the iPad to level up to the Air without having to worry about the high-priced Pro.

Well, the only disadvantage of the Apple iPad Air is that it is still not the best substitute for whatever you want to do on macOS or Windows.

Apple iPad Air (2020)

Apple has tried in every way to differentiate between its iPad by introducing the iPad as well as the iPad Pro. Well, the iPad Pro is strictly for those in search of a powerful and portable machine that has got some particular use cases and mainly pointed at those who do not need a PC.

Whereas, Apple normal iPad is for those in search of portable and handy entertainment devices that they can use in playing games, watching videos, and social networks.

Over the past few years now, the iPad Air has just been doing interestingly great. It is not so basic as the iPad and doesn’t boast some of the additional and eye-catching features that the iPad Pro has.

If you are really in search of the iPad Pro feature but don’t want to spend a lot on the iPad Pro, then you can opt or go for the Apple iPad Air (2020).

Wondering what is in the box? Well, in the box, you get the iPad together with a power adaptor and a USB-C cable. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting the Magic Keyboard, the Smart Folio, or the Apple Pencil, you will have to buy them separately.


The key specifications of the Apple iPad Air 2020 include:

OS: iOS 14
Display: 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with 2360 X 1640 pixels resolution
Built-in- storage: 64GB/256GB
Expandable storage: NA
USB-C: Yes
SIM support: eSIM
3.5mm jack: NO
Thickness: 6.1 mm
Speakers: 4
Bluetooth: 5
Rear Camera: 12MP
Front Camera: 7MP

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iPad Air 2020: Display and Audio Performance

The iPad Air 2020 display is vibrant and sharp, and it has also got a similar pixel density as the iPad Air of 2019. It allows Dolby Vision and looking into the library streaming content on offer, this display is sure a great thing for binge-watchers.


Also, Apple TV+ programs are being mastered in Atmos as well as Dolby Vision, adding to the library of content. When you log in to the iPad, you will be getting a year free of AppleTV+ which is an addition. The vibrancy in the colors of the iPad Air is practically something you should take note of.

It is just so thoughtful and overwhelming how the display of the iPad Air 2020 has been over the years.

Even if you are directly under sunlight, the display of the iPad Air 2020 is still great for reading books off Kindle, checking mail, and working too.

The display is also great for watching movies, gaming, and many others. However, playing CoD Mobile for over one hour can get you tired.

Now moving to the audio aspect, the iPad can be so loud. It can be so loud enough that you do not have to increase the volume to 100 percent before you can hear it or to watch a movie or TV show. It steals the quad-speaker grill setup from the iPad Pro, however, in reality, it houses only two speakers.

That is one on each side. Whereas the iPad Air of 2019 has only two speakers on the same side. Also, the iPad Air of 2020 provides stereo separation.

iPad Air: Build and Design

The bezel of the iPad Air has become so thin and the Touch ID has as well been integrated into the power button. You don’t get FaceID on the iPad Air 2020, unlike the iPad Pro. And this leaves you with a very neat symmetrical front design, and you won’t be able to determine which side is up if not for the camera

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Though the iPad Air might have curved edges, however, its borders are so sharp. Its designs are so industrial in line with the Apple iPad Pro. It is also available in different colors, it is available in Space Grey, Green, Silver, Rose Gold, and even Sky Blue.

While the Apple iPad Air of 2019 has a more rounded design at the back, this is just a little bit sharper. If you make use of the iPad with no cover, then this is for real something you would See. The Smart Folio Cover for the iPad Air 2020 covers the back and also includes a bit more grip to it.

Whereas the Smart Cover for the iPad Air of 2019 only covered the display.

iPad Air Battery Life

Apple still says that the battery life of the iPad Air is up to 10 hours of using the web on Wi-Fi or just watching videos, and this seems true. You do not need to increase the brightness to the highest to enjoy watching movies on the iPad. And you can as well use up to a day binge-watching content on the iPad, leaving the brightness on auto.

The Magic Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard is what Apple introduced together with the iPad Pro and it operates well with the Apple iPad Air also. It keeps the magnetically in place and as well gives you this fantasy that it is possibly floating. You can as well change the display as the case has got some decline.

However, the decline pales in contrast to what is on offer on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

The Magic Keyboard has also got a USB-C port and you can equally couple your USB C cable to the keyboard for power leaving the port on the iPad for any other accomplice that you may need to connect.

Apple iPad Air (2020) Price


The Apple iPad Air is priced at $599 for 64GB. You can as well choose to upgrade to the $256GB for $150 which is $749. The LTE cellular connectivity goes for $130 more, which costs $879 in total.