Apple Credit Card: Apple Introduces Virtual Credit Card for Apple Pay Users

This Article is about Apple’s new achievement. Do you know that Apple introduces Virtual credit card for Apple Pay users? Finally, after all the rumor we have been hearing about Apple’s virtual credit card for Apple Pay users, Apple company has finally launched its credit card for Apple pay users.

Apple Credit Card Apple Introduces Virtual Credit Card for Apple Pay Users

Apple company in collaboration with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs have finally unveiled a new credit card for Apple Pay users. This is good news for Apple pay users because the new Virtual credit card will make Apple pay service easier and faster. The new Apple virtual credit card did not come as a physical credit card. It comes in the form of a digital card which exists within the wallet App on your iPhone.

One of the advantages of this credit card is that you can use the card to make payment anywhere Apple Pay is supported. Apple’s new virtual credit card is very easier to set up on your phone. To set up the credit card on your phone, it will only take some few minutes to complete the process. Another advantage of the card is that it comes with weekly and monthly summaries, Users will receive the weekly and monthly summaries of their transactions.

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One of the unique things about Apple new credit card is that the card was mainly for upgrading the payment history of users. Presently, Apple is now using machine learning and purchase locations to know the merchant name.

Another great news about the credit card, the App will now divide Apple pay users purchases into various categories like shopping, entertainment. When you encounter difficulties in using the App, you can simply reach out to Apple support staff for help. Since Apple introduces Virtual Credit card for Apple pay users.

Apple Card | Features of Apple Virtual Credit Card

  • Credit card users will be given daily cash rewards instead of points. All user will get 2% daily cash for every purchase that they make. The cash will be added to their Apple Cash card every day for use with Apple pay.
  • Another feature of this credit card is that any purchase that a user makes with Apple-like in Apple store, App store, iTunes etc. The user will earn 3% daily Cash.
  • Apple will provide a 24/7 support staff for Apple pay users. So that they will be able to contact through iMessage.
  • With the help of this new upgrade, You will no longer see meaningless gibberish populating your payment history.
  • The app now shows the merchant name in any easy way. So that Apple Pay users will be able to read it.