Apple Airpod 3

Apple Airpod 3 Release Date, Price and Specification


Let’s discuss Apple Airpod 3, its price, specification, and release date. The Apple Airpod 3 is set to be released soon by Apple after the initial launch of the Apple Airpods 2 and the noise cancellation Apple Airpods Pro.

Apple Airpod 3

The Apple Airpod3 may likely introduce new features over that of the Airpods Pro. Such as the noise-cancellation, customized fit, and adaptive sound. Although, Apple hasn’t said anything about the next-generation AirPods, that didn’t stop the rumors from spreading.

When it comes to the sales of the Apple Airpods, Apple has really sold and made many gains. But the truth is that Apple Airpods is really not the best Airpods out there. There are still other better Airpods out, even at lesser prices. There are other Airpods that offers better noise cancellation when it comes to audio quality. Examples include the TicPods Free, Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 and Sony WF- 1000XM3.

Release date of the Apple Airpod 3

It’s really really tough trying to figure out when Apple’s products will be out. But the latest report from ‘Digitimes’ says that the next iteration of the Airpods will be produced early April or mid-April. This seems impossible because Apple is still struggling to maintain its production scheme with the high demands of the Airpods Pro.

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Well, the release date of the Airpods 3 could be some time in 2020, if not now then later in 2020.


Airpods 3 Price: How much it will cost

Although the Apple Airpod 3 isn’t out yet, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make a reasonable guess. Here, let’s take things into consideration. The Airpods pro with wireless charging case currently costs $249. Then if the awaiting Airpods 3 serves as a true successor or follow up to the AirPods 2, we can then assume that they will both share a similar price. Which falls around $159 for the basic model and $199 with wireless charging case.

Although, the pricing could also vary in Airpods 3 based on what new specs Apple would be introducing into it.


The Airpods 3 details have been so scarce, although, experts still believe that Apple might make some nice improvements in the apple Airpod 3. The Airpods 3 might feature the ‘Hey Siri’ and also announce messages to operate absolutely fine with non-Apple programs.

Following the tweet of Rossignol, the Apple Airpod 3 may have the same sound quality as that as the AirPods Pro. It may also have the same Ear Fit Tip Test as that of the Airpods Pro which aids in offering a solid seal and excellent sound. It was rumored that Apple is looking forward to integrating a speaker connection into future Airpods charging case.

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One thing we know about Apple’s Audio product launching any time this year is that the H1 chips will continue to be at the front line of the operation. It is also presumed that the buds of the Airpods 3 will launch with no active noise cancellation.