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Apple AirDrop: – How to use Apple AirDrop


Apple AirDrop. Do you know that there is a better alternative to bluetooth that can enable you send and receive files without stress? It is the Apple AirDrop. The Apple AirDrop allows users to send and receive files easily to and from other users. This feature is in the iPhone and it is strictly for iPhone users. Follow up in this article to understand more.

Apple AirDrop

Apple Incorporated iOS as well as macOS operating systems which was introduced in Mac OS X Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) and iOS 7. This amazing feature allows transferring of files among supported iOS devices and Macintosh computers without making making use of a mass storage device or an e-mail.

Apple AirDrop

In a general word, simply put or define the AirDrop as a feature in iPhone that allows for the transfer and receiving of file from users. This feature like I said earlier is more like a bluetooth where you can easily send files, pictures, videos and the rest.

What to note before you begin using AirDrop

Here are what you should check out for before you proceed to using AirDrop:

  • The very first thing is to ensure that the person you are sending files to is closeby and around Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.
  • Next is to check if you and the person you are sending the files to have their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on, If any of you have turned on Personal Hotspot, the person should turn off the Hotspot.
  • Now, check if the person you are sending files to has set his/her AirDrop to receive files from only Contacts. If they have, and you are among their contacts, they need to have either your phone number or your email in your contact card if not AirDrop won’t work.
  • Lastly, if you are not in the person’s Contacts, allow them put their AirDrop receiving setting to “Everyone” so as to receive the file.
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Tip: You can equally set your AirDrop receiving setting to “Contacts Only or Receiving Off” anytime to be able to control who can actually see your device and also send content to you in AirDrop.

How to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch

Below is how you can use AirDrop:

  • Open any app and click “Share” or the “Share button. If you want to share a photo from the Photos app, swipe left or swipe right and choose multiple photos.
  • Now click on the AirDrop user that you wish to share with. Or you can choose to make use of AirDrop between your own Apple devices.

Note: If the person you are sharing files or content with is in your Contacts, you will notice an image with the person’s name. However, if they are not in your Contact list, you will just see their name without any image.

AirDrop on Mac (How to enable AirDrop on Mac)

To share AirDrop on Mac:

  • The very first thing to do is to open the file that you wish to send or share.
  • Next is to click on the “Share” button in the app window. Or you choose to Control-click the file in the Finder, then select “Share” from the shortcut menu.
  • Now select “AirDrop” from the sharing option that is being listed.
  • Then select a recipient from the AirDrop sheet.
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Do you know that you can as well choose to open an AirDrop window, then drag the files to the recipient? Wondering how you can do that? Do not panic, here is a simple step on how you can do that:

  • Click on “AirDrop” just in the sidebar of a Finder Window. You can as well select Go > AirDrop from the menu bar.
  • The AirDrop window will show you AirDrop users that are closeby.
  • Now drag one or more than one photos, documents, or other files to the recipient displayed in the window.

How to receive AirDrop files

  • When a person uses AirDrop to share files with you, you will receive an alert with a preview. Here you can now choose clickon “Accept” to accept file sharing from the person. Or you click on “Decline” to decline any file sharing from that person.
  • If you eventually choose to accept, the AirDrop will come through within that same app that it was sent from.
  • Another thing is that if you AirDrop anything or file to yourself, lets say you AirDrop a photo from your iPhone to your Mac. Have it at the back of your mind that you will not get any option to either “Accept or Decline”. It will send the files to your device automatically. Just be sure that the both devices are signed in with similar Apple ID

Apple AirDrop not Working


If the Apple AirDrop seem not to be working. Then you should consider going back to the topic “What to note before you begin using AirDrop”