Android Find My Phone With Google and Third Party Apps

Most people have heard of iOS find my phone. What most do not know is that there is an Android to find my phone. The google android OS has quite some find my phone option that could replicate the Apple service.

  • Locate your phone using Google
  • Using the Google Home and Assistant
  • Android Find my phone with third-party apps

The Android find my phone is located within Most as a built-in service. The service allows you to locate the last known location, ring, lock or erase it.

Get Started

The first step to this is to enable Find My Device on your phone.

  • Launch Settings app on your phone.
  • Go to Security & lock screen.
  • Then enter device administrators.
  • Tap Check the option for Find My Device.
  • Return to the main Settings menu (tap back twice).
  • On the main settings, tap Location.
  • Turn on the location settings.
  • Tap Mode.
  • Select high accuracy.
  • Tap the back button once.
  • Tap Google Location History.
  • Switch on the Location History.
  • Also, turn on the corresponding switch beside this device so that it turns on.

How To Locate Your Phone with Google

Log into your google account on another phone or laptop

  • Go to
  • Enter your Gmail address and password
    You can either.

    • You can play a sound if the phone is within range.
    • Secure your phone (activate an automatic lock to prevent finder from accessing your phone)
    • Erase your phone.
  • It is fair to note that Android find my phone won’t work if the phone is not connected to a data source.
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Android Find my Phone Using Google Home

This works in the instance where your phone is within range of your Google home speaker. Ensure that the following is in place to use this method.

  • Google home and phone are logged into the same google account.
  • Your Google account and voice must be linked to Google Home via the Home app
  • The phone must be on and have an available internet connection.
  • The Android Find My Device turned on

As long as these conditions are in place just say “okay Google, find my phone,”. Google will automatically turn the ringer on. The Google Home’s multi-user support can help everyone in your home find their phones as long as they are linked their Google Account.

Find Your Phone Using Third-party Apps

There are some third-party android find my phone apps.  Below are some of the best third-party apps.

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All these apps are available on the google android play store.