Among Us

Among Us Game, Characters, and Download


Among Us is an online multiplayer social discount game that was created and published also by the American game studio Innersloth. Among Us was launched in June 2018 on iOS and on Android devices while in November 2018, it was launched on Windows, promoting compatible platform play between these platforms.

Among Us

This game has witnessed a fast increase in fame because of the collaboration of so many factors. It is a great game with an exciting asymmetrical multiplayer. It is very easy to learn, all thanks to an easy premise and it is available for free (almost) on different kinds of well-known platforms, not excluding mobile and pc like I earlier mentioned.

Among Us

Almost everyone who has a smartphone or a tablet can get to play Among Us without having to pay. The game is free to download from the Google Play Store for Android users and from the Apple App Store for iOS users. However, it will have ads.

Simply put the Among Us is a party game for 4 – 10 players. Here, players are being split into two teams, Crewmates, and Impostors too. The main goal of the Crewmates is to finish up tasks to maintain and fix up the spaceship. Whereas, the main goal of the Impostor is to vandalize the whole mission before the task gauge is filled up completely.

Developer: InnerSloth LLC
Programmer(s): Forest Willard
Artist(s): Marcus Bromander, Amy Liu
Publisher: InnerSloth LLC
Initial release date: June 15, 2018
Platforms available and compatible with: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

Among Us Characters

The Crewmates are the major protagonists to the player and also one of the two playable characters of Among US. They are the major victims of the Impostors and will gang up with each other to look for who exactly the Imposter is.

The Characters in Among Us include:

Blue / Triangle: Peyton

Peyton is a very sharp character in Among Us, and he lives up always to perform all of his tasks. When Peyton sets a goal, he always makes sure he achieves it. However, he is not a great liar.

Red/Circle: Jordan

Jordan loves to sport and he is also good at promoting his duties so fast because of his fast running speed and durability also. However, Jordan can easily get so grumpy when people lay false accusations on him. his say on things in which he is telling a lie or not can not be predicted.

Lime/ Star: Samuel

Samuel is so obsessed with plants as he became one. He is also jovial and likes to uncover the world surrounding him. He tells the truth though, however, he can be so cheeky once in a while.

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Green/square: Parker

Parker was once a hunter and he has always been a guy for nature. He always hangs out with nature, be it the friendly alien animals or the green leaves. He is very strong and also a big liar.

Orange/Dice: Sawyer

Sawyer tends to be great friends with anybody he comes around, however, he can be so aggressive when people hurt or toil with his feelings. He is also good at assisting and supporting other people who need to be cheered up and who also need a smile on their face. Sawyer is always truthful and hate tellings lie.

Cyan/Equal: Riley

Riley is an astronaut, in an even nicer and calmer astronaut suit. She is very efficient with performing every one of her tasks as she is a very smart character with the Skeld. Riley telling lies can be so different but it depends on what the conversation is centered on.


Brown/Marks: Markus

Markus is the wall guard and he always ensures that people are performing their appropriate tasks. Markus is known to be a little bit snitch, but when it comes to conversation, as he tells lies sometimes.

Purple/Triple: Avery

Avery is very strong-headed however a smart police officer. She protects every right to all citizens, and prevent the crisis from occurring. You hardly see Avery tell lies, as it is her job to be a truthful police officer.

White/Confused: Gary

Gary is very good at playing pranks and cracking jokes. He loves making so many puns, and he as well loves to spam the “impasta” joke until it is not funny anymore. He tells lies a lot, however, he is mainly good at pushing people away from knowing the truth.

Black/Alert: Harvey

Harvey is very studious, and he is said to be even stronger than Jordan. Though, he is very sluggish and can be so much friendly. He often confuses himself when it comes to finding out the imposter, however, he is good at telling lies.

Yellow/Bolt: Anger

Angel is a very sweet lady but sassy, who seems to be crushing on Quinn. Angel can be so jealous, and sometimes slacks off on her work. Though, she is very good at telling lies and also very good at figuring out quickly, who the Impostor is.

Pink/Heart: Quinn

Quinn is a guy who only wants to fit in with girls. He is also very sensitive and has got this strong affection towards his friend (his closest friend to be precise). Though, he can as well be good at telling lies as he can be very cunning and deceitful.

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Among Us Game

Among Us is an online multiplayer game that is played among people. in this game, you get to play as a crew member aboard a spaceship, sky headquarters, or planet base, while attempting to place your ship together and go back to earth.

This game enables you to play online or even over local Wi-Fi with 4-10 players as you try to put together your spaceship for your departure. However, be at alert as one will be an impostor bent on murdering everybody! This impostor can as well vandalize and cause a crisis, making it very easier for it to kill.

Among Us Download

We all know that our mobile phones are the most popular device to download anything. be it games, music, and the rest. But do you know that you can as well download on your Pc, your laptop too?

Yes, of course! you can. You can download the Among Us game on your PC and on your mobile devices too. follow the steps below to see how you can download Among Us:

How to Download and Play Among Us on My PC

Here is how to download Among Us on your PC:

  • Firstly, download and install BlueStacks on your PC
  • Next is to finish up Google sign-in to access the Google Play Store, or you do it later.
  • In the search bar at the upper right corner, search for “Among Us”.
  • Now Click to install “Among Us from the search results”.
  • Next is to finish up Google sign-in to install Among Us.
  • Lastly, click on the “Among Us” icon on the home screen to start playing.

How to Download Among us on mobile devices.

Here is how to download among us on your mobile devices:

  • Launch the Google Play Store for Android users. Locate the search bar at the top of the Play Store.
  • In the search bar, type in “Among Us” then search.
  • Now click on the “Install” button to install and download the app to your mobile device.

Take note that the method above is only for those using Android. However, for iOS users, visit the Apple App Store to download “Among Us“.