Amazon seller Account Advantage and Setup Guide

Selling on Amazon is such a good idea in recent time but to start up, you need an Amazon seller account.
The Amazon seller accounts enable users to sell products as creating a professional merchant account grants access to tools such as inventory spreadsheets and other services.

Setup an Amazon Seller account

Amazon Seller Account Advantages

  • Having an account allows you to leverage traffic. Amazon boasts of over 150 million people per month in the United States alone. It is proven that a lot of this traffic possess a high level of buying intentions.
  • There is absolutely no need for a website. All you need to do is upload your products on Amazon’s system via your Amazon seller account.
  • Amazon is a worldwide platform and holds more trust than having an individual blog or website with less trust. As such it allows you to operate under the trusted platform of Amazon as a seller.

Guide to Register an Account

Follow these simple steps to register your Amazon seller account.

  • Go to Amazon’s Services page and click on “Selling on Amazon (at the top right corner).
  • On the next screen, Select “Create a New Account.”
  • Enter your name, the following information as required.
    • Email address
    • Password.
  • Then, Click “Continue.”
    • Enter your business account information
    • Business name
    • Legal name
    • Address.
  • Click to tick the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Next Click “Continue.”
  • Enter the credit card and billing information to pay for your Amazon seller account charges.
  • Then, Click “Continue.”
  • You will be required to enter the city and state or region of your business. In the actual sense, Amazon is requesting for your shipping location which might be a remote location.
  • Next, establish a method for calculating all shipping costs and other charges. Then, click “Continue.”
  • Now you can enter information about your business or service that you offer, upload a logo and policies such as refunds policies, return policy as well as shipping details.
  • When the list is completed, you are good to go and start selling on the platform.