Amazon partners with the US government to end the sale of counterfeit goods


Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and also an important provider of cloud services. The company was mainly known to be a bookseller. However, it has now grown so wide to selling various kinds of digital media and consumer goods. As well as its own electronic goods.

They include Fire TV, a streaming media adapter, Kindle Fire Tablet, and Kindle e-book reader.

The company like I said earlier, is the world’s largest online marketplace. And it is also a live streaming platform, an AI assistant provider, as well as a cloud computing platform.


Amazon is also specialized in logistics, e-commerce, payment, media, data storage, and hardware. It is one of the best sites for those that shop online. Amazon’s signature, Prime $99-a year membership program, has subscribers of approximately $85 million in the United States. And which is equal to about 2/3 of the households of Americans.

Now, the company is partnering with the US government to end the sale of fake goods.

Amazon partners with the US government to end the sale of counterfeit goods

Amazon has announced a partnership with the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center. (IPR Center) which is centered on putting an end to counterfeit goods from going into the US.

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This joint operation depends on the intelligence collated from Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit, logistics company DHL. As well as the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to end the sale of fake products.


The Operation Fulfilled Action depends on the dominant positioning of Amazon as a distributor. And also as a marketplace for products. Due to the amount it is being sold on the various storefronts of Amazon, IPR Center, as well as Amazon, have previously distributed information.

Even joining hands on a breakdown on fraud that is related to Coronavirus. However, this latest operation marks a long-term partnership.

Before the involvement of Amazon, IPR Center’s focus on safeguarding the global supply-chain might not be so familiar to the average person. However, you have witnessed some of the Center’s work before. The warning of the government that plays before all Blu-ray and DVD was developed by the organization.

The comment of the vice president of customer trust and partner support

The vice president of customer trust and partner support at Amazon, Dharmesh Mehta said:

As far as fake products are concerned, Amazon mentions that it had carried out an investigation already. And withdrew potentially fraudulent offenders. A joint operation with these latest agencies should enable the company to keep going and prevent counterfeits at the border. Not regarding where bad actors were planning on giving to them.

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The more aggressive stance of Amazon began in earnest with the release of the Counterfeit Crimes Unit earlier this year. As part of a step from the company to carry out investigations on sellers giving out fake goods. Instead of just having to remove them after the fact.

Fake products are very popular issues on the various marketplace of Amazon. And the Counterfeit Crimes Unit has taken legal action already against some sellers this month. For offering fake products on Amazon Marketplace and Instagram.


Because of the number of fake goods that are being sold yearly, this partnership might not have the reach necessary to create a dent. However “half bread is better than none”.