Alchemist Coin – How to Buy Alchemist Coin

Alchemist Coin is the latest way of yielding a farm. It is a way of providing LP tokens to receive an NFT that you can now use to stake so many LP tokens. And this provides for a more flexible paradigm for yield farmers.

This has nothing to do with gaming or even art NTFs that are hot. However, in this hype, does it really matter? It merges bothy DeFi and NFTs.

Alchemist Coin

If the returns from both Ethereum and Bitcoin are not so good, and you want to get one of those secretly hidden gems for your next 100x to return. Then the Alchemist coin is one.

You may have come across it and also heard of its great advantage, or even heard that it is the next big thing in NFTs and DeFi. Well, it is still the very early days for Alchemist coins, which have just been listed on CoinMarketCap.

In addition to that, it is not available yet on popular exchanges just like Binance.

Read below to see how you can buy Alchemist Coin.

How to Buy Alchemist Coin

If you are finding it very hard buying Alchemist Coin, then this article is for you.

If you are planning on buying Alchemist MIST token, then you will have to make use of exchanges just like Sushiswap, UniSwap, or OX. To get the best price, you can make use of an aggregator just like the 1Inch DEX.

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The greatest issue with purchasing MIST on the Ethereum based exchanges is the ETH GAS fees and this is likely to price out the smaller investors.

Sadly enough, with MIST not available on exchanges. Just like Binance Exchange, there is no other option at the moment.

Here is how to Buy Alchemist Coin:

  • Firstly, you will be needing some Ethereum or ER20 tokens in your chosen web3 wallet. Either WalletConnect or Metamask. You can buy these tokens on the likes of Binance exchange or Coinbase.
  • Secondly, visit the 1inch aggregator and look for alchemist Tokens. 1inch will look for all the available DEX for the best price to interchange your tokens. If this is too complex, then you can just go straight to UniSwap. If needed, the Alchemist contract can be seen on CoinGeko.
  • Next is to connect your Web3wallet just like WalletConnect or MetaMask to your selected DEX. That is 1inch or UniSwap.
  • Now switch your tokens for MIST and also pay your GAS fees. Still, it is very early for Alchemist coin. So it is much likely to be very impulsive. And it may be worth giving rise to the slippage tolerance. And also pay a higher GAS fee to make sure that the transaction goes through the first time.
  • If after you swap you still can not see the Alchemist tokens you just bought, you can include them in your wallet.
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Adding Alchemist to MetaMask

As soon as you buy your Alchemist tokens, you may find out that they are not showing in your MetaMask wallet. One method of including MIST tokens in your wallet is by visiting CoinGekco and also searching for the token.

As soon as you get the exact token, you can now click on the MetaMask fox icon.
A notification will then be sent from MetaMask to include the MIST token in your wallet. From here you can “Add Token”.