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Airbnb is proof that the idea doesn’t have to be too complex for it to be great. It started as a result of our everyday life happenings. The founders discovered they could make money sharing space they were using to accommodate a host and make a few bucks. Now Airbnb is a global business from Europe to Africa.


What is Airbnb

It is a platform that matches a user with a free accommodation space and another user looking for a space to stay for a while. the idea is specifically designed for travelers and those on vacation.

So instead of having space in your home just there lying around, you can actually make money off it by loaning it out for a few nights. While users can get a place for a fair and competitive price to hotels.

How Airbnb Works

Airbnb is available in most European states, America and Africa. It has a variety of filters that can help accommodation seeker narrow down on a location, check-in and out dates, and a number of guests.  Airbnb charges a 3% commission from bookings and a 6%-12% servicing fee from guests.

How Airbnb Works For Host.

Say you have a room or complete apartment for rent then you can get it listed on the platform by registering as a host. As a user, Airbnb will request certain accommodation and neighborhood information required.

  • Size of space
  • Number of rooms
  • A profile picture
  • A valid ID and phone number

Hosts are taking through various scanning and verification process to ascertain if space meets up to the Airbnb standards. Furthermore, to avoid harassment of clients and host of accommodation, Airbnb seeks the existing neighborhood laws and makes it accessible to intending guests.

Once your profile is set up, now it is time to get your space listed. Click on “list your space”.

  • Here you will be prompted to provide a description of your apartment.
  • Location
  • Maximum number of guests you can accommodate
  • Setup listing price for a night, week or month.
  • A photo of your space

On the part of the host, there is the worry of letting in the wrong client into your apartment. To this, Airbnb provides 24/7 support, $1 Million Host Guarantee, and insurance programs for hosts.

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However, the approval of guests is totally up to the host. You will also be able to deal directly with the guest to discuss neatness requirements and handle other hosting arrangements like the exact time of arrival.
after approving the guest, payment is handled by Airbnb and they hold onto the payments for 24hours.

Payments vary depending on the location and country.  Typically payments are done via PayPal, wire transfer, or direct deposit (with a 3% servicing fee).

How Airbnb Works For Guests

One of the major pros of Airbnb is pricing. As a guest, all you need do is go through the website. Follow the on-screen directions to use the filter. Enter cit, country, space, and number of guests to find host and apartment that meets your needs.

Guests are required to go through a registration and verification process. The verification process requires a

  • A profile picture
  • A valid ID.

After completing your registration of the Airbnb website, you are free to search over 800,000 listings for the perfect holiday accommodation.  As a guest, you will be prompted to enter the following information.

  • Location
  • Check-in and check-out dates
  • The number of guests

The search result will provide you with various options to choose from with pictures of the accommodation. The platform also provides an interactive map where you can view the location of the host within the city.

Once you have seen the accommodation you like, you can request to book and reserve accommodation. You will be prompted to make a payment by entering your payment details.

Once the host approves then you can communicate to get a key.


Here are my few thoughts from my research about the pros and cons of Airbnb

  • Local Flavor

Staying an accommodation on Airbnb gives you the feel only a local can give on tourism location. Aside from that, it gives you an opportunity to meet new friends from diverse cultures. You can also get to know security issues, best joints, activities to get the best feel of the location.

  • Flexibility & Communication

Unlike other platforms, users can communicate directly with each other about the accommodation before moving in.

  • Customer service

The platform has incredible customer support on the platform just visit

  • Value For Your Money

Save a lot on your vacation trip with Airbnb because you can get a comfortable apartment at competitive pricing. You can also save on food because most AirBnB accommodation includes a kitchen, unlike hotel rooms. You can cook instead of dining at expensive costs throughout your stay.

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While Airbnb offers incredible service, there are few cons that have turned guest and host off forever.

  • Fees

While the service offers affordable prices, in some urban location rent can come at an expensive cost.

  • Lack Of Privacy

Staying with an Airbnb host means that you will have to share accommodation with a total stranger. Hence privacy might be a real issue because the verification can not prevent people from being who they are. On the part of the host, it takes a bad guest to ruin your accommodation. As well as a bad host can totally mess up your vacation.

Support and Security

Airbnb is a platform where you can list accommodation space and get paid for host a user in it. The platform boast of taking care of all trust issues as it verifies its customers properly before signing them up. They take a step further in notifying the host of the user details beforehand.

As a global platform with travelers popping up from all corners of the globe. Airbnb offers 24/7 supports for users in over 11 different languages. To resolve arising issues such as

  • Rebooking assistance
  • Refunds
  • Reimbursements
  • Host Guarantee
  • Insurance programs for both homes and experiences.
  • Reach out to us with any questions.

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