Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners – Join, Promote and Earning Techniques

Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the ways of making cool income in recent times.

Affiliate marketing involves getting commissions by promoting and selling a companies product or service on your personal internet space such as a website or blog.

Affiliate Marketing for Begininers_How to Join, Promote and earn


So the idea is that you assist a company to grow and get a commission. The good thing is that it requires no additional capital demand in purchasing from the seller. One thing that is sure everyone gets to be happy in the end.

If you have a product that you want to sell, why not offer an incentive to affiliate marketers. You don’t have a product why not promote a company and earn.

All this is possible through the affiliate marketing program.

The Basic Parties in Affiliate Marketing

There are four basic parties in affiliate marketing.

  • The Merchant

The merchant is also known as the product creator. This party is the group with a product to sell. Usually a large company or a small one. They are just involved in the production process and not actively involved in the sales process.

  • The Affiliate

There are a few profiles that can fit in as an affiliate. However, a general name is a publisher. An affiliate ranges from small companies or individuals earning passive income to large companies earning millions of dollars in commission.

The just of an affiliate is solely sales by attracting consumers to buy a merchant product.

  • The consumer

The customer or consumer complete the affiliate marketing system else no revenue in the system. Consumers go with the value if the product in exchange for cash to be shared as commission. The entire affiliate system is targetted at getting consumers to respond to the merchant’s product.

Hence making the group the most important set in the system.

Steps to Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

In line with our audience responds we decide to create a guide to become an affiliate marketer.

There are basically you need to have an internet space to become an affiliate marketer such as a youtube channel or a blog.

Choose a Niche

  • Choosing a product niche is very important.

It is the exact reason for creating a website. As such before creating a website the niche should be at the core of it. You have to sit carefully and make all necessary research about the niche to choose.

  • Considerations Before Choosing a Niche

Common assessments have repeatedly shown that content creators succeed in a niche that is in line with their passion. Most people that ask me about creating contents. This is always my first question because if it is interesting to you then you won’t give up easily.

Inasmuch as passion plays a vital role in choosing a niche, there has to be a real balance between making money and passion. Because of the endgame is to make some bucks off something you feel good talking about.

Profitable niche and passion for a niche aren’t the only consideration before choosing a niche. it is necessary to watch out for the competition in a niche. You need to be able to know if the niche can take another affiliate marketer.

Finally, the end of every business is sales going into a niche or sales of products with a handful of demand is a waste of resources and time. It is also important to check for available affiliate marketing programs for the chosen niche.

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Research Affiliate

Be rest assured that choosing an affiliate program will take up some of your time. Because you want to get the absolute best available and well there is money involved.

Clickbank global is one of the best companies in the business with 200,000,000 customers worldwide. However, there is a couple of question that can help you make up your mind.

  • Affiliate Program Ratings

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there. Choosing the best boils down to recommendations and popularity of the affiliate program. Check merchants that use the affiliate program as well as sellers that trust the program.

At the center of your decision should be the commission attached to the products and services of the merchants available on the affiliate program. Because affiliate marketing, in the end, is all about making money. So it is necessary to get this point right above all.

Finally, look out for an affiliate marketing program with good customer concern and outreach.

Build a Website.

This should be a must before making the decision to go into affiliate marketing. However, I am the type that will guide you through the appropriate research. So you do not jump in and out of the business.

Owning a website is an essential component of affiliate marketing. Thanks to Content Management Systems, this is now achievable with clicks rather than codes.

WordPress powers a whole lot of websites on the internet so I will recommend you go for a WordPress site.

Steps to build a Website

  • Buy a Domain Name

This the address of your website. it is how web browsers will locate your website. The domain extension is highly dependent on the idea and location of the website. as such, I will recommend the highly accepted .com extension.

You can purchase domain names from Inmotionhosting, Liquidweb, Bluehost or Hostgator.

  • Buy Hosting Plan 

Hosting is the space where all the data on your website will be store. More like your space on the internet. comparable to the house where the properties at the address will be stored.

You can purchase a hosting plan on Bluehost or Hostgator.

Check out the best hosting plans

  • Install WordPress

The next step is to install WordPress or any other CMS. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Install a Theme 

Themes give your website the right looks and feel to go. It is a pre-programmed page that has already been put together for you. All you need to is replace the contents and your website is running.

It is paramount to install themes with good customer appeal that would appeal to your customers/audience.

The AffiloTheme, Theme Forest, Div themes are a few we can recommend.

Start Creating Contents 

Without wasting time the next thing to do is start creating contents. Create contents that are relevant to your niche to attract audiences and potential customers.

Ensure to enable your website visibility on search engines so as to attract traffic from search engine requests.

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 Type of Contents to create 

  • Product information
  • Product Review
  • News on products niche
  • Product Comparison
  • How to

Build an Audience

Perhaps this one of the continuous process with no end. The hope of every affiliate marketer is a 100% conversion of audiences to a website. The consistent audience will bring consistent sales. As such all effort and strategies should be aimed at promoting content to attract audiences.

below are some ideas to build audiences.

  • Social Media Promotion

Leverage on the large cluster of social media to promote your website. Post, Share and send contents to social media contents such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, etc.

Ideally, your website should have a separate social media page linked to promoting web contents and building audiences.

  • Get Reviews on high profile blogs

Since you are just starting off, you might create relationships with high profile bloggers. For the purpose of review in exchange for a service that way you are leveraging on the audience, they have built over time.

  • Collect Email

Email is crucial in affiliate marketing as it helps in retargeting people who showed interest in your products. Based on the interest showed you can recontact audience by sending an email.

  • Apply SEO Techniques

Organic search remains the best source of audiences on the internet. As search engines such as google, bing, and Ask remain the most visited platform and the most used resource on the internet. As such applying SEO strategies to rank on top of search results will be beneficial to your affiliate marketing prospect.

These principles can be self-learned or hire a good SEO marketer.

  • Invest in paid advertising

Most of the posts you see on social media are paid advertisement and most times they are some of the effects. It is a good way to get traffic without much stress and it is affordable. You can use banner ads or video ads of products to promote your products. Ideally, use previous posts shared on your social media.

This method enables you to post to reach a larger audience that might or might have not visited your website or social media pages.

Ways To Promote Affiliate Offers

This is the part that defines the success of affiliate marketing. Everything about affiliate marketing depends on what you but most of all this part should be taken seriously. Am sure you get better with time because it has a lot to with the psychological ability to convince users with a call to action techniques on promotions.

Below are some ways to promote affiliate products

  • Product reviews.
  • Use Banner Ads.
  • In-text content links.
  • Email promotions.
  • Discounts and giveaways.

Now you can know how to start affiliate marketing, it is important to repeat the marketing steps to keep sales up. Thanks for reading.