Action Games – Top First Person Shooter Games For Android (FPS) – Action Games you can’t resist

First Person Shooter, FPS, Games are the most amazing games in Android devices. FPS is a lot popular and they offer the best graphics games. If you have search long to download Action games and you don’t know which to download, it’s good that you are reading this article right now.

Action Games-Top First Person Shooter Games

Top First Person Shooter Games For Android (FPS)

There are lots of amazing action games that leave you with the thought of which to download. But now, you will be introduced to the best first-person shooter action games you should play right now. Guess the cool part of it. It’s Free.

#1 Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout, a first-person shooter that was developed by Gameloft Bucharest. Published by Gameloft. Blackout is the fifth Modern Combat series installment. Released for the iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices on the 24th July 2014.

Modern Combat 5 features Caydan Phoenix the protagonist, Sophie Daviau, and Isaac Tukura. Unlike other FPS Games, Blackout is one which the player can shoot, crouch, sprint, throw grenades, aim to reload weapons, leap to obstacles, grab enemies, pick up and change of weapons.

You must fight enemies to save the world from anarchy. In the multiplayer mode, you can build your own killer squad and fight against rivals. These Special-Ops missions too are amazing and great to play in leisure time. And, not only the graphics make the game interesting. But also, you get to hear a real actor’s voice as the voice-over. You have to download this game. Click HERE to Download from PlayStore.

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#2 Call of Duty: Heroes

Another great action game. Call of duty is an FPS whereby the gamer gets to command an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers, and devastating drones. This FPS enables customization of the base and train elite forces to dominate the enemies in fierce battles.

In Call of Duty, the Gamer is the Commander. Get to train and specialize your army, build and upgrade your base into a fortress with sentry guns and defend your base against attackers. This shooter game features campaign and survival mode. Play this game now, download, and install it to enjoy the Fun of protecting your own. Download LINK HERE.

#3 Dead Effect 2

The Dead are rising. Play Dead Effect 2 Now. This is an FPS action and a console-quality action sci-fi shooter with RPG elements. Humans brain, uttered by a virus and is left for an antidote to save humanity. Fight and kill them dead, upgrade weapons, gear, and high tech body implants to battle for the human race.

Dead Effect 2 gives you high graphical quality as it uses the latest Android and NVIDIA technology. Also, it is narrated by professional voice actors. And has a good atmospheric soundtrack and movie-quality sound effects. Download HERE

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#4 Shadowgun: Deadzone

Shadowgun: Deadzone, is developed MADFINGER Games. It is a third-person shooter for mobile. Deadzone uses console-quality graphics, moody graphics, and slick animation. And, Deadzone is the latest installment in the Shadowrun franchise.

This action game allows as many as twelve gamers to play online simultaneously. It also offers two game modes:
Deathmatch, where the players battle against each other. Zone Control, where players must capture control points and guard them against enemy attack. Download HERE.

Besides all this, DeadZone makes a few improvements to playability compared with previous titles. For example, characters can now run and roll around the battlefield to dodge enemy bullets. Play Shadowgun: Deadzone now, download from google play store.

Download Action Games Now

In conclusion, these are the best action games that you don’t have to miss out on and I think you should download them now with your mobile phones. visit now to install them and enjoy free action games.